How Many Ants have you Stepped on Without Noticing? (First Strike #1 Comic Review)

First Strike #1

Written by Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodrihuez

Art by Max Dunbar

Lettered by Tom B. Long

Colors by Ander Zarate

What you need to know:

IDW comic event of the year is a mighty cross overs of giant 80’s characters, after IDW reinventing the popular G1 Transformers back in 2006 they have also brought to life other great series from this era.

This massive cross over includes the GIJOE, MASK, ROM, MICRONAUTS and TRANSFORMERS, so what starts this event of well it is Optimus Prime the Legendary leader of the Autobots planting a flag on Earth declaring they are part of the Council of Worlds.

What just happened?

So Earth decided to accept Primes declaration and join the council of worlds with Marissa Faireborn due to be sworn in as the first intergalactic ambassador for earth.

So the stage is set as land in Iacon the capital of Cybertron, just to give you a brief Starscream can you believe is the supreme ruler of the planet.

G I Joe are on the planet with Skywarp monitoring the event to ensure the protection of the delegate as many different planets have joined in what should be a joyous occasion. The team know that joining should be a good thing however humans against Transformers in past wars they baring held their own and our concerned of future wars.

Marissa Optimus Prime and Starscream take to grand stage for the ceromy however like all good things something bad was bound to happen and an almighty explosion hits the area.

Ironhide, Spike and Windblade lead the Security response and attempt to clear the area but the trap is set Baron Ironblood makes his move and sets loose a huge army of ninja humanoids that were hiding in plain site within large machines now attacking them Transformers and delegates.

Starscream orders the closure of the spacebridge which leaves the Joe team in limbo and unable to support.

The Joes start to investigate, Baron Ironblood aka Joe Colton who started the whole G I Joe set up has turned into an insurgent opposed to the changes happening. Scarlett tracks down his base in the Swiss alps and they engage

There is clearly something in the base worth protecting as a squad of troops pin the GI team down as they make their way through traps and codes to access certain areas.

It is clear that Colton wanted Scarlett to find his sort of confession as he tells her how it has to be, what does he mean?

Final Thoughts

As I only read Transformers and MASK as a crossover event I could have easily gotten lost with, but no it is well down with a certain amount of characters so I was not overwhelmed trying to work out who everyone was.

I think it is a good start and I am excited to see how this plot will unfold in the next few issues as it is unclear other than Cobra striking and believing they want to protect their planet.

I like the art very clear so I knew who everyone was which a major plus as there are some characters I am not familiar with.

I enjoyed the fact we had an extra few pages after the main story showing why Colton planning this war on the cybertronians.

Rating: 6/10

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