“Nobody Puts Chavez in a Corner!” (America #6 Comic Review)

America #6

Written by: Gabby Rivera & Kelly Thompson

Art by: Ramon Villalobos

Cover by: Jen Bartel


In some ways I feel like a Watcher, bid to observe and tell the adventures of America Chavez; let’s keep that ball rolling.


What You Need to Know:

In the end of issue #5, we were left watching helplessly as America’s old bff(/old flame?) Magdalena stabbed her with a syringe full of something gross and green, as current bff Kate Bishop (aka Hawkeye) ran towards a falling America.


In This Issue:

America awakens groggily in a boxing ring with none other than annoying annoying annoything Arcade announcing a death match between America and Magdalena. Mags is encouraging America to end her, because Arcade and the mysterious people who work for Midas have her father captive.

Rewind to few hours earlier, Kate is driving furiously to follow the helicopter that took her friend, when a star portal opens up and Madrimar, the “warlock luchador” that’s been testing America appears. Together, they find and rescue Magdalena’s father before, heading to the boxing match in the Las Vegas underground.Of course, the four women destroy these Midas goons and the C-grade villains in the audience (including Hobgoblin???? ew). Madrimar teaches America to combine their powers and Power Stomp the place all to hell (not literally, Marvel fans. Mephisto didn’t need a new roof)

Finally, the grand reveal. Madrimar is not America from the future.Orphan America Chavez has a grandmother.We also see the mastermind (Mistressmind?) behind Midas. What could Exterminatrix want with America?


Final Thoughts:

Finding out Madrimar’s true identity was the icing on the cake. I know America’s mothers died when she was young, but I would’ve thought they had told her if one of them had any parents.I’m not sure I’m 100% into Magdalena as a love interest for America though. I wouldn’t pick Lisa either. I’m just picky because I love her. I’m ready to see America grow her relationship with her grandmother and finally have a real family.


Rating: 9/10



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