“No matter what you look like, Basil…you’ll always be a monster.” (Detective Comics #964 Comic Review)

Detective Comics #964: “Dystopia”

Writer: James Tynion IV and Christopher Sebela

Art: Carmen Carrero

Colors: Ulises Arreola

Cover: Yasmine Putri

Spoiler has now seen the hidden city Anarky has built, but she still has questions that need to be answered before she fully accepts. Will Clayface have a cure or will he break under the stress to finally be normal again?

What you need to know: Anakry has built a world under Gotham City; a new world that will change the corruption Batman has let take over. Spoiler wants to join, but she feels uneasy and knows something might be wrong with the “Utopia” Anarky has created.

What you’ll find out: Basil Karlo is in need of a cure for his condition. Every second he feels himself slipping away. He just wants to be normal again and erase his past to start a new. Visiting an old friend, he is told that changing things will never erase what he has done. Can Basil hold it together?

What just happened?

Arkham Asylum. Yesterday.

Basil goes to Arkham to visit an old friend. He tells of a cure that Dr. Victoria is experimenting and that things can go back to the way things were.  Hearing of this news, Basil’s friend confronts him with a hard truth.

Monstertown. Now.

Basil Karlo now in Clayface form cannot wait for a cure. Now Dr. Victoria will see his true nature.

Nearby, Underneath Monstertown.

Seeing what is to be believed as a “Utopia”, Spoiler keeps her guard up about Anarky and his “New world”. Meeting up with old friends who also have joined this underworld “Utopia”, Spoiler feels that this place and idea is too good to be true. Enter Batman.


Becoming the monster Basil was afraid of, he attacks Dr. Victoria. Cassandra jumps in time to save Dr. Victoria and faces Clayface.

Underneath Monstertown.

Finding out the truth of who Anarky is working with, Spoiler now realizes that her instincts were right all along. Declining Anarky’s offer, Batman, Spoiler, and Anarky have some things that need to be resolved.


Rating: 7.5/10


Final Thoughts: Have I ever said that Clayface is my favorite member of the Detective Comics group? I have been waiting since this series started in the beginning of rebirth to see the downfall of Clayface and writer James Tynion IV brought it to light at last. I want to see his downfall not in evil intent, but because like Batman, I believe that Clayface can really change and become great. Growing up in the 90’s and watching Batman: The Animated Series, I’ve always seen Clayface as a villain that can literally beat all other villains, but never was big in brains. I saw that in the Clay monster, there was a man with a heart and a past. When Batman brought him to the team I was so shocked and excited to finally see Clayface in a new light, see the struggle of becoming a monster and trying to do good; that’s what makes us love characters we read. The problem I had with the issue was that it felt kind of rushed with Spoiler and Anakry’s story. I know the team has something up their sleeves that will definitely have the Batman messed up; someone is returning.

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