“Death lashes out for… Mister Miracle.” (Mister Miracle #2 Comic Review)

Mister Miracle #2

Writer: Tom King

Artist/Pencils/Inks/Colors: Mitch Gerads

Cover: Nick Derington

For New Genesis!

What you need to know: Scott Free has escaped death… so he thinks. Now smacked in the middle of a war, both Big Barda and Scott Free fight thousands of Parademons to protect New Genesis. With Orion now becoming the new Highfather, Scott Free wonders if any of this makes any sense.

What you’ll find out: WAR has begun! As new Highfather Orion has sent General Free and General Barda to fight the hordes of Apokolips as they invade New Genesis. Given a new mission from Orion, Scott Free questions what is truly happening; but will Big Barda listen to Scott or continue in her new mission given by the new Highfather?

What just happened? Yes Orion. Yes Orion. Yes Orion. Darkseid has obtained The Anti-Life Equation and with it in his position, has sent Granny Goodness and thousands of Parademons to rage war on New Genesis. Orion now seeing that he has lost too many people, will now send his two most trusted Generals, Scott Free and Big Barda, to stop and kill Granny Goodness; who to Orion must have hold up anger against her from what she did to them when they were children. Uneasy by what is happening and learning some “truth” from Granny, Scott Free wonders if what anything Orion has told him he can trust. Is any of what Scott Free see/hears true or is his mind still messing with him from his great escape?

Rating: 8.5/10

Final Thoughts:   Not as mind bending as the last issue, but still a very good damn issue. I missed the static pages from the issue before and wondering “Holy hell is Scott Free okay or is he really messed up in the head?” Not taking anything away from this new issue, the art and color look beautiful in every page and the story is good, but will Scott Free keep breaking as this war goes on or will it be straight forward like this issue? That’s what I’m wondering now. The issue is a straight journey that Mister Miracle may or not be questioning his every actions; especially his new Highfather Orion. Mister Miracle might be one of the best comics to have come out in a long time. I am so lucky to be reading this, if you have not picked up the first issue please go out and read it. Tom King and Mitch Gerads are making history.

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