There’s a spot of Mustard on your White Shirt? (Clue #4 Comic Review)

Clue #4

Written by: Paul Allor

Art by: Nelson Daniel

Lettered by: Neil Uyetake

What you need to know:

Our characters Miss Scarlett, Mr Green, Dr Orchid, Professor Plum, Colonel Mustard, Mrs Peacock and Senator White arrived for a lavish dinner at A Boddy’s creepy old Mansion.

The bodies start to pile up starting with A Boddy and followed by Mrs Peacock and the late Detective Orche.

But not is as it seems as A Boddy suddenly rise like a Phoenix from the ashes, is he pulling eveyones strings?

What just happened?

We start with Upton the butler trying to look after his employer A Boddy who has just woken from an induced near death coma.

The funny thing of this scene is seeing someone so powerful worrying about the crust of his sandwich not being cut off, oh what fun it must be to be Upton.

I enjoy Upton breaking the 4th barrier into witty narrator mode but he makes it clear things are heating up in this issue.

Arriving back in the house Plum is on Edge and Orchid teases him would you rather be back out in the rain, but with a murderer on the loose maybe that is not actually a bad idea.

Mr Green and Senator White are in Scarlett’s room where we learn how much the flower surobi Zinnias are worth and it is a lot, of course Scarlett being the pop princess she wears it in her hair like it is a fashion statement.

White questions the diva on where she got the flower from, the butler of course and only in preparation for when the press arrive. The banter in this scene is perfect and finished with Green making a sexes remark, did you expect anything less from him at this point.

This scene reveals some interesting detail about the flowers, how important they are to the world and who ever can control their growth is very powerful. There is still mistrust between the Senator and Green as they split up.

So we shift our scene to five years ago where we find ourselves in Washington DC where, wait we are not quite there as the Butler breaks the 4th wall, no it’s ok we have been returned to the regular reading of a flashback.

Senator White shouts at Colonel Mustard over the fateful turn of events that led to the field where Surobi flower was destroyed, last issue’s flash back.

The argument is quite amusing as accusations fly and the White goes off topic but it is clear she thinks Mustard was incompetent in protected a multi-million investment. Meanwhile Green watches the whole session, how long has he been in bed with the Senator, metaphorically I mean.

Back to now Mustard makes makeshift weapon for self-defence, we learn from Upton that White and Colonel’s relationship goes far back and she preventing him from getting further in his career.

White is on the run and finds what she was looking for the conservative but she lets her guard down when she sees the surobi captivity being grown. Mustard confronts her but as the lighting slices through the stormy sky how does this scene end, here’s a clue am not telling all their dirty little secrets.

Plum using ketchup is working on a theory, that they were all brought to the mansion for one reason they are the competition over the flower, so the best policy must be to eliminate it. With Orchid and Plum trailing the suspicious Butler we arrive at our final flashback of the issue.

This time it is the focus of our diva and she clearly knew more about the planned evening than anyone else. But what is a flashback without a jump to the now and a tragic ending, but who copped it?

Final Thoughts

This issue had me gripped from beginning to end with conspiracy, fantastic dialogue and a side of murder.

This miniseries goes from strength to strength and continues to shock me with a great story which give the reader something fresh to read.

Rating: 9/10

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