To Catch a Speedster (Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #28 Comic Review)

Green Lantern Corps #28

Written by Robert Venditti

Art and Cover by Jordi Tarragona, Rafa Sandoval

Publisher: DC Comics

What You Need to Know

Hal Jordan has been sent to catch up to Lightray, speedster of the new gods, who can travel so fast, he rivals the Flash. If he succeeds, they can better safeguard the Highfather. If Hal fails, the Nth Metal Golems chasing the Highfather, will kill him.


What You’ll Learn

Can a Green Lantern catch a speedster who rivals the Flash? What happens if a Green Lantern travels too fast; can the ring take that kind of speed? And what inspired Hal to become a Pilot to begin with?


What Just Happened

The issue begins with Hal flying through space in a hard-light Jet traveling pushing the speed limit of his ring. As he’s spots Lightray and the Highfather in the distance, omega beams were already following close behind them. Effectively creating tension right from the start. Hal accelerates to such a high speed, his jet construct’s windshield starts to crack, until he’s forced to slow down. His ring warns him to do try again. It wasn’t meant to travel that fast. Hal failed. His confidence takes a hit and it really humbles him, showing that he isn’t quite as cocky as some people might believe.


When Hal hears the voice of his late-father behind him, he absolutely freaks out, but his father laughs at his son’s facial expression. Hal speculates some kind of energy wake caused him to hallucinate. A solid explanation. Usually hallucination scenes like this come off so fake, make no sense, and give character development that could’ve been given in a much better way, but here it’s actually done right. Hal holds his chin low as he admits he only wanted to fly to prove he wasn’t afraid. And he reveals it’s his way of getting to know who his father was. The scene is a real tearjerker for long time Hal Jordan fans.Inspired by his father to persevere, Hal gives it another try, after the hallucination disapears. Hal puts everything he’s got to speed up to the point where he almost causes a speed force singularity, while tearing him apart. And the art is so amazing at conveying just that.

Lightray won’t admit to the Highfather that he’s tiring, but he sees it quite clearly. With Hal at his top speed and Lightray slowing down, Hal’s able to catch up the speedster. Lightray might not have been at the top of his game, but it’s still impressive. Th highfather agrees to trust Hal, as he enters the co-pilot’s chair behind Hal. But now the omega beams are chasing the Green Lantern. The race isn’t over, but Hal has an idea.


Rating: 10/10

Final thoughts

This issue took half the time to read than it usually does, because its just that engaging.


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