Scott Lobdell Has No Chill (Red Hood and The Outlaws #14 Comic Review)

Red Hood and The Outlaws #14

Writer: Scott Lobdell
Art: Joe Bennett
Colorist: Sean Parsons, Veronica Gandini, and Blond Colors
Cover: Mike McKone and Romulo Fajardo Jr.
Variant Cover: Guillem March


Recently, Bizarro died in a battle and was brought back to life by Lex Luthor. His IQ went from a 30 to 300s after this cure.

What You’ll Need To Know:

So Bizarro was the brawn, not the brains of the group before being resurrected by Lex Luthor. This sure seems like it has no downside, Bizarro is alive and smarter than ever. Then again, this cure came from Lex Luthor.

What You’ll Find Out:

There’s a hilarious line from this and why the title is what it is a fight scene between Artemis, Red Hood and Mr. Pig, Red Hood goes to thwart Mr. Pig and Jason say “You’ve never met Red Hood?” then Mr. Pig replies with “In continuity? No”. Who knew such a silly character could be so savage! Pretty funny line.
Anyways, Bizarro with his supreme intellect has built a base for The Outlaws that is similar to The Batcave and Fortress of Solitude. He built a mechanism to predict crime before it happens. Sort of like in Captain America: The Winter Soldier with Zola’s algorithm. (Sorry not sorry if you hate Marvel). But that causes a huge issue of breaching personal info or punishing the wrong people. They also have a transdimensional portal. A lot more high tech than what Batman has.
Artemis and Jason are a bit skeptical of Bizarro’s ridiculous intelligence. Seems too good to be true. Unfortunately, a sad truth about this is to come.

Rating: 7/10

Final Thoughts:

I’m in love with this series as a whole. Just a bit of a weaker issue but mostly because it’s an opener and first of its arc. I prefer the art of Dexter Soy, this one is good but he’s been one of my favorite comic book artists so far.

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