Well…That Happened…(Wonder Woman #30 Comic Review)

Wonder Woman #30


Writer: Shea Fontana

Art: David Messina

Cover Art: Jesús Merino & Alex Sinclair (variant by Jenny Frison)

Summary: Heart of the Amazon continues with its fifth and final installment. Wonder Woman has learned that her genes contain the source of much of her physical prowess and someone has been experimenting ways of transferring her abilities to others. After battling fatigue, self-doubt, crazed scientists, and a horde of bounty hunters, Diana’s investigation leads her to the answers she’s been seeking…..


What has gone: Building on the events from previous issues – Diana has learned from the dying Dr. Crawford that her DNA is capable of giving powers to others. Diana has moved back to D.C. with and injured Etta Candy. Diana and Etta are attacked by bounty hunters, looking to collect Diana and her precious DNA. The two make it through the night, and also reunites with Steve Trevor. Diana has learned that in her genetic makeup also lie secrets that could hold the cures for many diseases and many other beneficial properties. Diana decides to turn herself over to the bounty hunters’ employer in the hopes of helping humanity. She walks into what seems to be a government facility and we’re left to wait to hear the explanation……


Where we are (possible minor spoilers):

After the last issue, I was looking forward to an interesting twist (pardon the genetic humor) in the story. Those hopes were pretty much dashed after the first page. Take a powerful hero working with the government, mysterious super soldiers, the discovery of a secret government compound and try to guess what happens next. Chances are you just guessed the rest of the plot of this issue and the arc in general.


If not, let’s just say there are Wonder Woman admirers that have volunteered for a program, a sinister commanding officer, secret government programs, some sense of betrayal all around, winning at all cost, some fights, some captures, some pontificating, some rescues, and some blowing up of things.The issue and really the arc centers on what makes a hero and the burdens of being a champion. It wraps up with some nice self-reflection from Diana, and she discovers who is and who she can depend on.


What does it all mean (possible minor spoilers):

After its rocky start I really was hoping that the book had picked up after the last issue or two. This issue was a letdown. Not that the writing was bad, Fontana has a nice easy style that gives a natural feel to the characters and she has developed their personalities really well. Not that the art was bad, Messina’s style is solid, eye catching art, stylized, clean and very expressive.


But……there was nothing particularly original or catching in this story. Nothing in it was surprising or that hadn’t been done in almost the exactly the same way other places. I think this was the plot of one of the seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in fact, if Buffy had had a lasso. I knew what was coming to the point that my only surprise was how textbook the story was. I don’t need a story to be completely original or ridiculously complex, but this was just bland. All I can do is hope that the next arc is better.



While the style of both the art and the writing are solid and enjoyable, the Heart of the Amazon storyline has been a rollercoaster of a story in terms of quality. The final leg of the journey was a sharp drop from last issue. I give it points for the team showing it’s capable, but they’re producing far below what I think they’re capable of. Hopefully the next ride will be more fun and a lot smoother.


Rating: 6/10


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