Mayhem on Cybertron (First Strike #2 Comic Review)

First Strike #2

Written by: Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodrihuez

Art by: Max Dunbar

Lettered by: Tom B. Long

Colors by: Ander Zarate

What you need to know:

Optimus Prime planting a flag on Earth declaring they are part of the Council of Worlds. Marissa Faireborn arrived on Cybertron for the ceremony where she would be sworn in.

Cobra attacked with an army of robotic ninjas let by the G I Joes founder Colton, Scarlett pursued this lead and realised that the human race are about to be engulfed in a war with giant Transformers.

What just happened?

We dive straight into action as Colton left with his note a legion of foot soldiers to attack the stranded on Earth team of Joes.Colton clearly did not want our team of heroes to survive as the place is booby trapped and they barely make it out with their lives.

Back on Cybertron we start to see Colton’s story how he explains his mistake devoting himself to the Joe’s instead of concentrating on the real threat the Tranformers.  They take out Optimus Prime in their armoured vehicles.He explains how he made a pact with the devil Destro and Cobra to be his army in this Great War against an unstoppable enemy.Knowing that a direct attack was a risk they use a hit and run tactic with a weapon to take out the energon supply on the planet. Joe has even brought in Miles Mayhem Leader of Venom as part of this war.

Back on earth Scarlett brings in Matt Tracker and his MASK team when they realise that MASK’s tech was in play during the attack.The plan is to get back into the game but first they need to convince Soundwave to open the space bridge. Scarlett asks Matt about the virus that infected Astrotrain as a possible weapon, but if Transformers are not the enemy why take it?

Optimus, Ironhide, and Windblade actually seem to be pinned down but when Spike and Flint get captured Ironhide rushes in to save the day. Shazraella and the Cobra team have some form of device and make their way into some sort of Cybertronian building.

Meanwhile a heated discussion is taking place between Starscream and Elita One over weather Marissa and the human race should be allowed to live or be destroyed. Optimus steps in telling them to acknowledge his part in this as mistrust is struck. Marissa stands her ground telling Elita to find a solution instead of the easy option which is mass murder, Elita calls in reinforcements for support. More bad news as the Solstar Order declare the planet under quarantine due to detecting Dire Wraiths but they do not wish to go to war but I think this is all part of some plot.

We arrive at metrotitan city with MASK and Joe for Soundwave to tell them that it was a wasted trip as they cannot get to Cyberton. But Mayhem must have piggy backed on the signal and the twins believe they can replicate this Soundwave intends to help.

Let the battle commence.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed this issue lots of action, lots of story and now the plot is starting to come together. If you loved playing with your Tranformers, MASK and G I Joe toys altogether as a kid this book is one to pick up.

Do you know what I love about this War, is Joe and his team of Villains even wrong, if giant robots put a flag on earth would we want to be part of their galactic universe waiting to be swatted like a bug with a newspaper.

This series is heating up.

Rating: 7/10

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