War Zone (First Strike #3 Comic Review)

First Strike #3

Written by: Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodrihuez

Art by: Max Dunbar

Lettered by: Tom B. Long

Colors by: Ander Zarate

What you need to know:

Cybertron has been quarantined, Cobra has gone underground with a weapon that could affect the Transformer energon line. Whilst on earth team Joe, MASK and Transformer team lead a daring mission in Scotland.

What just happened?

We arrive in Scotland at Destro castle where a couple of hired grunts are giving some page time, when all of a sudden the twins and Joes come blasting through the wall, what an awesome entrance. The action is in full swing as the MASK team attack from the skies as they move in to get to the portal. This mix match team are holding together with a piece of string as they are used to their well-oiled teams, I think the cracks are already starting to show.

I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between the transformer twins and the human’s as they prepare to head for Cybertron. Before they jump into the portal Quick Kick and Doc are told to stay on Earth and set up a 2nd wave.

After coming through the other side Colton army lay siege against Cybertron and I love how Soundwave did not believe humans could do so much damage but they have and the portal explodes behind them. Sky burst and Stromclash transform into their alt modes and head into the higher atmosphere. The twins confirm the Leaders are all safe whilst the clash below rages on, the hunt for Colton is on as the Joe’s take some of Cobra’s vehicles and race towards the enemy.

Even thou the team get into the thick of things to grab Colton it becomes clear they are not getting anywhere near him, enter Soundwave who soundblasts the enemy. Things are not what they seem as Scarlett tackles what she believes is Joe. But it is Mindbender is playing his part, so where the hell is Colton.

Grilling Mindbender gets Scarlett nowhere, meanwhile our band of villains are making their way to the core but they distrust each other and the Alien proves a point by firing hidden blasters at her human allies. Colton reminds them that he is running the show as abseil down a shaft and with Scarlett piecing everything together double time he knows they do not have long to reach the target.

As our mixed team of heroes realize Cybertron in terrible danger and set out to save the day Strika rocks up to tell them they are unauthorized and that the planet it in lockdown. As the fight between Strika and Soundwave gets going Ironhide steps in and takes them to the council to discuss their mission.

The outcome of this meeting is shocking.

Final Thoughts

Issue three of the story is pretty awesome and as I read it everything flowed. I enjoyed the well timed humour. Seeing the different teams both good and evil having similar difficulties as they merge as one team was pretty cool. I always fell like the lines are going to be blurred for both teams as the war continues I look forward to witnessing further twists.The extra tale at the end of the issue is always something I look forward to as well reading the origins of Evil.

Rating: 7/10

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