“And, uh how much do you weigh?” (Batman #31 Comic Review)

Batman #31: The War of Jokes and Riddles Part 5


Writer: Tom King

Pencils/Cover/Inks: Mikel Janin

Colors: June Chung

Now with Batman on The Riddlers side, they both tend to end The War of Jokes and Riddles. All that is left is The Joker on the other side. Can Batman stop this War or will his plan crumble?

What you need to know: The Joker’s group is done. Now all alone he hides for his final stand up. Batman now with The Riddler, have also added one last member and this guy is going to get them in the building. Hell Yeah!

What you’ll find out: The war of Jokes and Riddles is coming to an end, and The Joker knows it is true. Now that The Joker is the last man, he hides himself in his final sanctuary. But it won’t be easy for Batman and his new allies to get in; the building is rigged with nowhere to enter. Can Batman trust his new allies as they try to get the Joker?

What just happened? All alone, The Joker waits for The Riddler and Batman to finally come and capture him. Rigging the building, The Joker tends to have the last laugh and outwit The Riddler once and for all. Batman and The Riddler wait outside as they plan the best action to take that will allow them to enter the building safely. With help from an old friend and a new ally (HellYeah!) they find an opening in the Jokers plan. Now that all are in one room at last, the war will come to end. Batman understands that this is the moment to end this war once and for all. His allies will not be glad.  “Plans within plans.”


Rating: 9/10


Final Thoughts: Things are really heating up now. The war is almost over and finally we see the four main characters duke it out. I can’t wait to read the next issue to find out what Batman will finally tell Catwoman about what he truly did that makes him think twice if he did the right thing in the war. Mikel Janin’s art is always great, and seeing The Joker without a smile for so long is kind of creepy, but god I love it. The panel where everyone is in the sky, brought such a smile on my face. Tom King has planted a seed in my heart and that seed has a name. Hell Yeah it does. The seeds name is Kite Man. Finally seeing Kite Man soaring to the top and be the man everyone needs was such a great full circle. Will there be more Kite Man after this issue? Lord I hope so.


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