Uncharted waters (Misfit City #5 Comic Review)

Misfit City #5


Written by Kristen Kiwi Smith and Kwit Lustgarten

Colored By Brittany Peer

Illustrated by Naomi Franquiz

Lettered by Jim Campbell

What you need to know:

The adventurers are shocked that Captain Denby is alive after wading through the clues.

What just happened?

The 127th annual Shuck Fair is forced to shut down due to the outrageous storm, the mysterious relatives are face to face with the mysterious old man and it look like they have just struck a deal.

So back to our team of adventurers trapped in the secret cave with Denby who is in fact alive and kicking.

They enter further into the cave following Denby full of questions, whilst being terrified that they have to cross a real health hazard in the form of a rocky wooden bridge above a dark deep cave. But this would not be an adventure without danger so Wilder leads the way.

Mace lightning the mood with one last selfie before she walked on the bridge of death, it is clear that Black Mary and her pirates built the cave tunnels, maybe they’re be treasure in these parts.

The brave misfits make their way through the cave avoiding various traps as they arrive at the captains little set up.

We learn that the Captain faked his death but why? As the girls share their story on how they found the cave but has the treasure already been lost.

As always it is down to the mutt to stumble across the next clue followed by a riddle = almost the end of the quest, I sincerely hope not, I am rather enjoying this.

However danger lurks around the corner as the united trio are on the trail, the kids are on their own as the Captain try’s to misdirect the villains of the story but is he up to the task.

Final Thoughts

Brilliant as always the story is fun, light hearted with a twist of dark around the corner, if you have not pick up this series yet you are missing out on a wild adventure.

Rating: 8/10

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