Hybrid on the loose? (Go Go Power Rangers #3 Comic Review)

Go Go Power Rangers #3

Written by: Ryan Parrott

Colored By: Raul Angulo

Illustratrated By: Dan Mora

Lettered By: Ed Dukeshire


What you need to know:

The Power Rangers have just received their mighty morphin powers after arrival day and are setting out to be the protectors of earth.

Rita has sent a hybrid to Earth, what does this mean? Well let’s find out.

What just happened?

Six years before arrival day and we see a young Billy and Eugene Playing together in the flash back which must mean something. Back to now Billy is in school and Bulk and Skull have putting rotten food in his locker, Billy makes a crack about lava sand which makes Skull think about their childhood friendship.

The next scene is a bit of fun with the team having a joke about the Rangers having a social media account. As the friends hang out in the stadium Matt rocks up and they are nervous about if he heard their secret.

The mysterious hybrid rocks up at the Angel grove bar asking where Zack, Trini, Billy, Kimberly and Jason are. She gets a teenagers response she loses her cool throwing the table across the room smashing through the window.

Rita reminds her hybrid to learn about human flaws and what would make it easier to overthrow this planet. Back on the moon we find Goldar questioning his Empress, but she expresses to him that any direct assault will only unite the team.

She tells a story about a little girl, a dad’s decision and a dragon, she explains that she intends to turn the Rangers against Zordon but by what means?

We are treated to Jason and Trini training together and I got to say I am really enjoying this friendship grow into something. In the show that was never there it is fresh and something unexpected. Jason as Leader wants to bring the rest of the team to Trini’s dismay and this may be the first steps to a blossoming relationship or maybe just a crush, we know how things can take in the comic world.

We found ourselves with Matt and Zack playing some American football, Matt knows the group have a secret but Zack throws him off the track with a bit of reassurance for his ego.

Ernie tells Jason some bad news that he may have to close the centre due to staff bolting after Rita’s first wave of attacks. I find this funny as in the tv show pretty much Ernie work full time. We find ourselves drowning in teen dramas as Trini forgot her Mums Birthday and is sad that she is not close to her like her mum was with her Grandmother.

After the destruction in the wake of arrival day there is a lot damage and the community gets stuck into the clean-up even Bulk and Skull help, wait a minute I mean interrupt Billy and Trini’s big moment on TV.

After a ruckus between Jason and Bulk Mr Caplan sweeps in, there is certainly more to him than the original. There is a nice sort of moment between Eugene and Billy, I like it where Billy kind of stands up for himself.

The Hybrid arrives at the construction site and the putties are released, only half the team manage to morph to tackle the threat. Jason gets caught by Caplan and ends up stuck unable to support his team.

Kim and Matt are on the run and end up facing a monster than the unthinkable happens, Kim may be a super hero but she is also a teenage girl who has been thrown into a new world filled with creature and events she has not been trained to deal with.

Final Thoughts:

The art is spectacular with great detail of characters as I am absorbed into this world.

I am enjoying this nice build-up of the story nothing is being rushed in and there is a real plot. We are introduced to the characters and really get to know them.

I actually feel like the monsters are dangerous and can inflict real casualties on the world.

As with the TV show I loved, I am enjoying this new take which is giving me something I never had with the original series something so new that I am hooked like a ten year old boy.

Boom Studios have done it again.


Rating: 10/10

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