Diamondback Goes Full On Savage (The Defenders #5 Comic Review)

Defenders #5


Writer: Brian Michael Bendis

Artist: David Marquez

Colors: Justin Pansor

Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Iron Fist have banded together to defend the streets of New York City from the ongoing power struggle left in the vacuum of Wilson Fisk going “legit”. Currently, the top two contenders for the position of New Kingpin of Crime are the Black Cat and a recently returned from the dead Diamondback.

What you need to know:

After seemingly breaking Iron Fist’s spine, Diamondback finds himself getting the holy hell kicked out of him by the tough as nails, curses like a sailor but has a heart of gold bad ass, Jessica Jones. Iron Fist, rising through the pain, surprisingly rises to finish Diamondback off. DB is taken into police custody while Jessica helps the badly hurt Iron Fist back to the Night Nurses’ clinic.

Diamondback is unpleasantly surprised to find his co-passenger on the ride to prison is none other than the Punisher, Frank Castle. And to add to the danger, Elektra is mysteriously slinking around, watching the Defenders from the shadows.

What you’ll find out

This series showcases just how dangerous Diamondback has become. How did he rise from the dead? Why is he back? And what is his true agenda? Sharing a police escort to prison and bound under heavy restraints, Diamondback verbally rips into the Punisher. No holds are barred by Diamondback, who knows an awful lot about the Punisher’s history. This is some SAVAGE stuff. Learning of Diamondback’s escape, the Defenders split into teams of two once more. Luke Cage and Jessica Jones turn to a superhuman liaison of sorts named Raindrop Lilly as Daredevil and Iron Fist investigate Diamondback’s targets for clues.

Rainbow Lilly refuses to give any information regarding the true power behind Diamonback’s rebirth and rise to power, but does warn Jessica and Luke to take a vacation with their daughter and let this game play out without them.

As Daredevil and Iron Fist discuss the pros and cons of secret identities and their trust issues and friendships, Diamondback takes the war for the title of Kingpin of Crime directly to Black Cat. And he hits her where she’d least expect him to… her home. After casually showering and using her towels,  he waits for her in the dark. Daredevil, meantime, senses Elektra’s presence moments before he hears the gunshots coming from Felicia Hardy’s penthouse apartment as Diamondback empties his gun.

Another awesome cliffhanger ending!

Final Thought

This is a character building issue. While it mostly sets the stage for what’s to come next, it still gives us a ton of action along with the information. Bendis continues to show his tremendous grasp on the street level Marvel characters and their diverse, complex personalities. In short, this book is awesome and I hope you’ll all pick it up.

Rating: 8/10

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