“A HERO DOESN’T NEED A MASK. BUT IT HELPS.” (Detective Comics #965 Comic Review)

Detective Comics #965: “A Lonely Place of Living” Part 1!

Writer: James Tynion IV

Pencils: Eddy Barrows

Inks: Eber Ferreira

Colors: Adriano Lucas

Cover: Barrows, Ferreira, Lucas

What happened to Tim Drake? Or more like where is Tim Drake? Trapped in a prison no one knows, the mysterious Mr. Oz interrogates Tim Drake (Red Robin). Crazy thing is Tim Drake is not the only one in the prison he is in. There are others that will make Tim Drake’s world change.

What you need to know: Red Robin tried to give his life to protect the ones he loved, but before his courageous act took his life; Red Robin was taken away and put into a prison beyond time and space. Now he waits to understand why he was taken; in the meantime he is interrogated by Mr. OZ.

What you’ll find out: In this mysterious prison beyond time and space, Tim Drake is questioned about why he joined the Batman.  While being asked, Tim begins to reminisce the first time cracking who were Batman and Robin, also the true nature of joining Batman in the first place.

What just happened? Finally escaping from the holding cell, Tim Drake comes face to face with Mr. Oz. Now knowing the true identity of Mr. Oz, Tim questions if what Mr. Oz is telling him is true about the purpose of the prison or if it is all a lie. Left all alone after hearing there are other forces watching, Tim tries to send a message to Batman. The message is received, but is it Batman who really picked up the message? Also who else is trapped in this prison? Some doors should not be opened.


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts: After a long time wondering what really happened to Tim Drake (Red Robin), we get to see where he is.  At first like many, I thought Mr. Oz was going to be someone that was going to have ties with a certain character that changed the DC universe. I was pretty surprised to see his real identity and also as to why he took Tim Drake away. Many still unanswered questions left, as to who is this person that has an eye on Tim Drake that isn’t just Mr. Oz? Finally, wait until the last few panels you’re going to lose it.


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