Holy Moly Batman, it’s the Shadow (The Shadow/Batman #1 Comic Review)

The Shadow/Batman #1


Written by Steve Orlando

Art by Giovanni

Coloured by Flavio Dispenza

Lettered by Taylor Esposito


What you need to know:

The mystery being known to the world only as the Shadow has secretly wreaked havoc on any wrong doers in the world wearing a trench coat, red scarf and hat he is not one to cross.

Batman protects the innocence citizens of Gotham taking justice head on in the murky underworld.

Their paths are about to collide.

What just happened?

Set in New York City on New Year eves the most unusual villains I have ever seen are invading turning pedestrians like him with evil masks, they are the dollotrons lead by Pyg.

In sweeps the Dark Knight taking out the leader, whilst Robin follows to take out his followers, we learn quite quickly that the masks once placed on their victims are under Pyg’s control or are they?

We see some amazing sequences of Robin getting in the thick of things, meanwhile Batman takes out wait a minute Pyg’s trotter, I cannot stop laughing at how original this comic already is.

Lazlo is back behind bars you would expect the story to be over the heroes have won, but no this is just the beginning. During his conversation with the police they stop talking and The Shadows grand entrance is upon us.

The Shadow wants to know why he is in new York when Gotham is his territory, but what the Shadow sees seems to scare him as well as Lazlo’s words, what does the Shadow not know is there a connection between them.

We come across a brooding Bruce Wayne over Damian his son who he wants home as he discusses him with Alfred, Bruce starts to investigate what caused the dollotrons to be brought back from the dead and what are the silent seven?

So Batman’s detective work pays off, he pays a visit to Damian and they discuss how he tracked him down. Being a 13 year old bad ass with technical skills plus taking on the robin mantle he did not expect to be found.

It appears the dollotrons are being controlled by one brain and Robin thinks Batman is under it they duke it out but who comes out on top?

Final Thoughts

I was stoked to get an opportunity to review this cross over and it has started well given us a mystery to solve that spans back decades.

The art is dark and gritty which I would expect from the characters that are being focused on.

I felt that there was some really good interaction and I am looking forward to seeing how the story leads to are heroes crossing paths.

A brilliant start to this exciting cross over.


Rating: 7/10

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