How do you defeat an enemy that can be anywhere…or anyone? (Might Morphin Power Rangers #19 Comic Review)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #19

Written By: Kyle Higgins

Art By: Hendry Prasetya

Colors By: Matt Herms (pages 1-8) and Joana LaFuente (pages 9-20)

What You Need to Know

In the last issue the Rangers battled a series of monsters that were clones of humans in a hidden village by Rita’s monster creator, Finster.  After defeating the monsters and capturing Finster, it was revealed to the Rangers that there were still many more creatures out in the world, walking among normal humans who had no clue that their neighbors are monsters.  We see two of them emerge in two different locations, and the Rangers are dispatched to battle.


What You’ll Find Out

These creatures have some very specific abilities that target the Rangers’ advantages over normal fighters.  The fact that there are so many of them, and they are too much for the Rangers to match up with one on one, so it’s only a matter of time until they’re overwhelmed.

What Just Happened

The Rangers realize how serious a threat these creatures are, not just because of the danger they pose to the innocent civilians around them, but because of the mystery factor.  No one knows where these things are, except maybe Finster, and he’s certainly not telling them.  However, the Rangers have a powerful ally revealed to them at the end of the issue, and it comes as a shock to all of them.


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts

I really don’t think Finster is withholding information about his creations from the Rangers because I think he purposefully released them into the world without knowing where they were going so that there was no way that the information could be dragged out of him.  Given what we know about Finster’s character, this seems like a logical, rational conclusion.

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