They know you will not take them seriously…(First Strike #4 Comic Review)

First Strike #4

Written by Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodrihuez

Art by Max Dunbar

Lettered by Gilberto Zarate

Colors by Ander Zarate

What you need to know:

  • Cybertron has been quarantined.
  • The evil team are making their move.
  • G I Joe and MASK are sentenced to death by Elita

So you know it is only going to escalate in the IDW event of the year.

What just happened?

Colton and his insurgences plant a device whilst they believe Scarlett will catch up, so they put in place counter measure to allow time to trigger the talisman, which at this point we have no idea what it is.

The war on Cybertron rages on and the sentence of Death is being debated as no one in the Transformers camp believe them, even Soundwaves word is worthless.

Starscream’s wit in these scene is brilliant thinking that politics would lead to less violent then war. It either mass murder or deportation I sense Earth will not be part of the council of worlds for long at this rate.

There is also a question over Prime’s intend did he conquer Earth or simply want to include them in the larger universe? Either way Elita is not interested and would rather imprison any Prime.

Alas Starscream pulls rank as ruler and confines all humans until the crisis is over, but Scarlett has other ideas and explains Coltons plans but will the Transformers really consider humans a threat to them.

Ironhide and Windblade are on the case and discuss Prime, he is still constant in this new way of living outside of war but has he truly left the war behind him. There is a moment between Optimus and Scarlett where he sometimes forgets that maybe no one wants to listen to him.

We have a flash back to Scarlett and how Colton gave her a go and she does not understand why he has taken this course of action.

Back to the enemy and they have completed their infiltration but what is it?

The hunt is truly on as the Transformers including Sunstreaker attempt to box them in except it is a huge mistake and an ambush begins and it ends with dire consequences.

Also don’t forget to check out the Origins of Evils in this issue.



Final Thoughts

This issue was awesome and I really enjoyed the character development which does not usually happen in a major cross over.

I also enjoyed how the mighty Transformers do not take the humans seriously and it costs them.

The art almost feels like I am watching an animation show it is visually beautiful.

Fantastic story telling as the saga continues.


Rating: 7/10

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