“Insert Name Here” (Avengers #11 Comic Review)

Avengers #11 Review

Writer: Mark Waid
Penciler: Mike del Mundo
Colorist: Mike del Mundo with Marco D’Alfonso
Publisher: Marvel Comics

What you need to know: This issue is basically the epilogue to Secret Empire. The focus is on Sam Wilson as he has ceded the title of Captain America and returned to being the Falcon. And the team must decide where to go from here as their funding and headquarters has been taken away.

What you’ll find out: The team find their headquarters has been sold as Parker Industries had to declare bankruptcy and dissolve its business. This only lends to the hatred the members have for Peter Parker. The team has to find a new base of operations but before they do, San Wilson wants to discuss things in private with Thor. Sam Wilson is the Falcon again and believes he’s no longer A-list material to be able to lead the Avengers. Thor convinces him otherwise and things move on from there. Vision is suddenly concerned with his long lifespan and inquires to Hercules how he handles immortality. Basically Herc’s only advice is to enjoy the time he has with those with “shorter lifespans.” And Spider-Man and Wasp annoy each other and round up a bunch of animals escaped from a semi that was in an automobile accident.

Pros: Waid provides a nice break and slows things down after the Secret Empire event. It does it’s job in establishing that things have changed and sets up for what comes next. Vision and Hercules are the best part of the story, even when providing a cliche realization. The art is gorgeous and the colors and texture from Mike del Mundo and Marco D’Alfonso are amazing. This is just a beautiful book to look at, period.

Cons: After a few years of trying to establish Sam Wilson as Captain America, it just gets thrown away. What makes it feel like a throw away is the way Sam Wilson himself is depicted. Sam’s lack of confidence in thinking he shouldn’t lead anymore because without the shield, he isn’t the “face” the team needs. This is disappointing in many ways considering that, there hasn’t always been a “Captain America” to lead the team. Wasp, Captain Marvel, and Luke Cage to name a few have led the Avengers. So for Falcon to think he isn’t good enough after all this time only lends to the thought that Sam Wilson was a poor choice for the shield. Especially when Sam shows resentment for Steve Rodgers even selecting him as his successor. It just feels all wrong and like a let down.

Final Thoughts: When any character is used to fill the role of another long standing character, the transition is never easy. Few characters have actually been able to fill the shoes of the hero they are attempting to replace. Just ask Jason Todd who was voted to be killed by fans who didn’t enjoy him being Robin once upon a time. Having said that, the deck was stacked against the character of Sam Wilson when he became Captain America. It was inevitable that the mantle would return to Steve Rodgers. But the lack of confidence in Sam sort of kills any chance of the Falcon stepping out of the shadow of Captain America. In fact in just keeps him there in that shadow. Personally I think it was the wrong way for Sam to react and especially believing he was no longer good enough to lead the team. Epilogues like this set the tone for what comes next. And unfortunately the tone Waid set for this team is a bad one. These are the Avengers, but The characters are hardly acting like it.

Rating: 6/10

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