“What’s the difference between a joke and a riddle?” (Batman #32 Comic Review)

Batman #32: The War of Jokes and Riddles: Conclusion!

Writer: Tom King

Pencils/Inks/Cover: Mikel Janin

Colors: June Chung

The end is here! At last the final pieces are on the board and it will be an all-out war. Catwoman will now see how far Batman went to stop the war that was crumbling Gotham City. But will she accept his marriage proposal or will she deny it?

What you need to know: The Joker being the last one; hides in his sanctuary waiting for Batman and The Riddler to come knocking. Now that the three of them are all alone with the help of Kite Man (Hell Yeah), Batman, The Joker, and The Riddler face each other to end The War of Jokes and riddles.

What you’ll find out: Bruce sits with Selina at the edge of the bed as Bruce continues to tell her the end of what happened. In learning on how far he went, will Selina forgive him and accept his proposal?

What just happened? Fists start flying as Batman, The Joker, and The Riddler collide. All three men hating one another for what they have done to each other, the day will not end until someone comes out victorious. As Batman begins to overpower both of them, The Riddler calls it quits all to see The Joker laugh at his humiliation. Thinking that his plan would work and seeing it back fire on him, The Riddler argues with The Joker trying to make him understand that what he did was all a plan to understand the riddle that is The Joker. In hearing this, Batman breaks down and does something that will forever stay with him.


Rating: 9/10


Final Thought: At last The War of Jokes and Riddles has come to an end; what a roller coaster event. From the beginning I was hooked to see Chaos and Order come face to face; an idea no one has done before and it totally paid off. Knowing that this event in Batman’s life keeps him up at night and pushes him to do better only to challenge his actions was great. Also, adding to the greatness of this series was Bruce telling it to Selina to see if she would accept him for what he has done. Putting Bruce in a light where he is human and has love in his heart like any other normal person is why Tom King is so damn good. We’re so used to seeing Batman as this gothic vigilante, we forget that he’s still a man who cares and loves. Mikel Janin’s art has been perfect throughout the series, and FINALLY I get to see The Joker laugh! I’ve been so lucky to read and review this series. Can’t wait to see where these two men will take us next. I’ll be waiting for my invitation.

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