It’s all in the mind (Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #30 Comic Review)

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #30


Written by Robert Venditti

Art by Patrick

Coloured by Jason Wright

Lettered by Dave Sharpe

What you need to know:

The Green Lantern corps is an intergalactic force in the universe out to protect the universe as we follow one of its operatives Hal Jordan.

What just happened?

Our adventure begins with Hal speeding through space to arrive home, witnesses a transmission from Cyborg it is a priority one in the Earths solar system so let’s pull straws on who goes.

So after a bit of banter Hal is up, presides it would be surprising if it was anyone else, it’s Hal’s book. So it is surprising to find out that Sinestro is the priority on after being believed to be killed in action.

So we swift our scene to Earth and our witness Superman who reports how he came across Sinestro and has his rings which he passes on and his current location.

Surprise a psychic attack takes place and boom it is clear that Superman was taken over by the entity known as Parallax.

A fiery battle begins as Hal tries to save his friend Clark, he is the best of the heroes and he doesn’t want him corrupted and twisted.

Next thing Hal is on the floor and Superman is advising him that they were talking and he attacked him.

So is that how the issue I very much doubt it.

Final Thoughts

Great start to a story arc with a fantastic guest appearance from Superman.

I enjoyed the clear art which showed some amazing fight scenes. The story had enough information for me as a new reader to jump on board and understand what the hell was going on.


Rating: 7/10

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