Our Legacy (All-New Wolverine #25 Comic Review)

All-New Wolverine #25-Orphans of X Part 1


Writers: Tom Taylor

Art: Juann Cabal

Cover: Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

Variant: Kris Anka, Chip Zdarsky, John Tyler Christopher, Mike McKone, & Rachelle Rosenberg

Synopsis: Daken, brother to Wolverine and son of Logan, is kidnapped by a new threat named Orphans of X and it is up to Laura to find him. Trail leads her to the facility she was born and trained to be a killer at.


What You’ll Need To Know: With the help of Gabby, Daken, Old Man Logan, Ironheart, Deadpool, and The Guardians of the Galaxy, Laura was not only able to save Roosevelt Island from a deadly virus that had been transmitted by a little alien girl. Her and the Guardians were able to eradicate the source completely. Daken did not really make an appearance until then and after they all saved the island they are praised by the public by heroes. When Old Man Logan had made his appearance during Road To Civil War II, Laura realized he was not the Logan she remembered and wanted nothing to do with him since he attempted to kill Gabby.


In This Issue: We have a flashback of Logan in Japan about to face-off with Murumasa. Obviously all before his death and before Old Man Logan. Murumasa states that Logan will come back for his other weapon to protect himself or protect his family. We flash to now, were Daken is attacked by what seems like thankful drinkers at a bar. They reveal themselves as Orphans of X and leave his severed arm in an alley from Laura and Gabby to find. I have no clue on who these people could be or what they want with the 2 of them. However, they do have a certain reason bring Laura to her birthplace. This could have the same kind of effect Kimura had on her with the trigger scent. Is it possible that Kimura is still alive? Or still pulling the strings somehow?


Rating: 8/10


Final Thoughts: We were given a lot of loose ends, but I know that will all come together in the rest of the arc. I’m just left with so many questions!

I like this art style by Cabal more than what I’ve seen in other issues. It has more detail and captures action scenes well.

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