Prison Breaks and Mistrust on Cybertron (First Strike #5 Comic Review)

First Strike #5

Written by Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodrihuez

Art by Max Dunbar

Lettered by Gilberto Zarate

Colors by Ander Zarate

What you need to know:

Colton plan worked the Transformers underestimated the humans and it cost them as Sunstreaker is taken out in his grant plan to Strike at the Transformers.

So what’s next for the IDW event of the year?

What just happened?

A shocked Windblade realises how dangerous Colton really is as it is discovered the response team has been taken out.

Metroplex advises Windblade that Optimus will do the right thing but the doubt is there, speaking of Optimus his teamed up with Soundwave and Arcee to break Scarlett out of prison as he know she can make the difference.

The human team are liberated but the prison break does not go as planned, half of them remain behind the force field. A fight erupts as the escapees are seized upon by the prison guards in alt mode Prime rolls out through the prison wall.

Windblade arrives with her sword ready, stated that this move although Optimus thinks it is right may be wrong even if the end justifies it.

The fall out between Prime and Windblade is evidently and it will be interesting to see their relationship after this over complete rawness.

The team move down into the caverns, Scarlett thanks Optimus for his believe, they scramble. Back in the council chambers Starscream is consulted a little too late on the prison break by Windblade.

Starscream takes pleasure in the fact that Prime has lost everyone’s trust also that it is down to him to save the day. Elita agrees that this situation needs to be dealt with quickly, quietly and no killing or is she just saying it, I feel at this point where on Cybertron are the bad guys but hey every event needs some in fighting.

Finally a skirmish takes place Gloria discovers EMP minds planted and disables them, the team arrive at a river of acid liquid, is this part of Colton’s plan and where are they hiding.

After talking with Matt Scarlett realises that she should take a leap of faith, this leads to the discovery that the river is a hologram.

Game on we finally catch up with the villains who are close to the core, but the planet is fighting back like a human’s immune system. As they squabble with each other a swarm of insecticons attack, being out numbered they make a run for it only to be surprised when they finally reach their target.

How does it all end, find out in the next issue with the conclusion of First Strike

Final Thoughts

I think this issue has been the best out of the series mainly because of the relationships and distrust between both factions.

So who is the true villain of the story it really depends on your perspective is it giant Transformers or the human insurgents this tale certainly makes you think.

Another great tale as IDW bring the perfect crossover towards the final curtain.


Rating: 8/10

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