The Spirit of Vengeance Rides Again (Spirits of Vengeance #1 Comic Review)

Spirits of Vengeance #1


Written by: Victor Gischler

Pencils by: David Baldeon

Colors by: Andres Mossa

What You Need to Know:     

This issue is a return to form for many of us. It is the debut issue so you don’t really need to know much but I guess if there is anything you should know it’s that both Johnny and Blade haven’t had a solo series in years. Johnny was last seen within the original Robbie Reyes run and as for Blade I actually don’t remember but I know it’s been years since Wesley has blessed us with his holiness. The original Spirits of Vengeance was a ongoing that happened in the 90s but this series has very little to do with that one so don’t even worry about it.


What You’ll Find Out:

I’d like to say you find out where Johnny or Blade has been this entire time but you really don’t. No real answer is given for their absences as of late Satanna has yet to appear and as far as my knowledge goes Damion Hellstrom never left but this is only issue one so there is plenty of time to flesh out these details. As far as the comic goes some dude approaches Johnny with a silver bullet before vanishing insisting he take it to Damion. This bullet has presumably grave ramifications and consequences should it fall into the wrong hands and everyone wants it. So the search is on and this little item acts as our mcguffin to get the ball rolling and progress the story forward.



What Just Happened?

All the chips are in place and we are setting the board for something big to occur. This issue was just about setting up the board and introducing you to all the main players I assume for those who don’t know. Johnny and Blade both get sweet introductions that set the bar for showcasing off what they’re abilities can do. Hellstrom not so much but you definitely get an idea of his resources and influence he knows this world as it is the one he lives in and travels in no one knows this world then the son of Satan himself. Don’t worry I’m sure issue 2 will go more into his backstory.



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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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If this seems like a pretty short review that’s because it is. Not too much happens here in our first grand issue but as someone who knows the key to great storytelling is to let events unfold naturally I’m surprisingly ok with this. While again not a lot happens here I was never bored or uninterested the characters are represented well enough for me to be engaged because I love these characters. Hellstrom and Ghost Rider’s dialogue is also witty and in character and they never seemed out of character. The artwork here is top notch and a genuine treat to look at and I am genuinely excited to see where this story goes and I see a lot of opportunity and potential in this line up. One of my favorite comics is Marvel Zombies 4 and I was always bummed that the cover had Ghost Rider but he wasn’t actually in the book. The Midnight Sons are awesome and I’m still waiting for a relaunch. The closest thing I got too Marvel Supernatural was The Howling Commandos which I followed and loved but it only got 6 issues before getting canned. I can see the potential in this and what it can be it has an incredibly dynamic roster that the writers can play with and have a lot of fun with and the story ideas are always basically limitless when coming to this subject matter. Dr. Strange was all I had but given how even that has taken a plunder as of late. This will just have to do for my Supernatural fix for now and I cannot wait to see where this goes next.This was pretty great for an introductory issue.

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