It’s Always The Quiet Ones (Ash vs. Army of Darkness #4 Comic Review)

Ash vs Army of Darkness #4


Written By: Chris Sims & Chad Bowers

Art By: Mauro Vargas & Sam Lofti

Color By: Triona Farrell

Letters By: Tom Napolitano

Covers By: Brent Schoonover, Mauro Vargas, & Pasquale Qualano

Edited By: Anthony Marques

Synopsis: So it’s time for the high school dance! With all the chaos of the deadites and an giant evil frogs trying to murder students, it’s about time for  everyone to cool down. That’s better said than done with Ash Williams and a Paranormal Task Force at watch.


What You’ll Need To Know: This comic book adaptation of cult classic franchise Evil Dead takes a spin off the TV show Ash Vs Evil Dead yet has a lot of parallels. Plus it’s a little more PG rated than the show. Well PG-13. In the last issue, the task force that deals with necronomicon comes to the high school and manages to make matters worse. They also do not trust that Ash is The Promised One. Well, because he’s too “Ash” for his own good.


In This Issue: I’d like to have some semblance of a normal life after the Army of Darkness trying to swallow my soul, I’d go to my high school dance too! Ash’s students decide to go. They’ll be relatively safe with Ash and GI Jackass being chaperones. In the midst of all this, Ash is made  an offer to take his old job back at S-Mart. Why do they want him back? Seemingly to get him out of the way for something. I mean Ash isn’t great with kids but he has kept them pretty safe. They may be a pain in his side yet he may he a sweeter deal there. So we’ve seen the little poindexter named Tina. She takes an interest in the necronomicon and Friedrich takes an interest in her. He’s pulling the strings on this one. And for some odd reason, he wants to summon The Army of Darkness!

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Dig the art and color by Vargas, Lofti, and Farrell. Wise choice on adding more staff for this issue. I’m really hooked on what happens next.

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