The Harley Primary! (Harley Quinn #30 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn #30-Vote Harley Part 3


Writers: Amanda Conner & Jim Palmiotti

Artist: John Timms

Colors: Jeremiah Skipper

Letters: Dave Sharpe

Cover: Amanda Conner & Alex Sinclair

Variant Cover: Frank Cho & Sabine Rich


This is the 3rd part of the Vote Harley arc, where Harley Quinn tries to repair the damages made by Scarecrow and The Mayor on the debate night. She’s getting help from friends and foes alike!


What You’ll Need To Know:

So in the last issue, Harley had a huge debate with Mayor DePerto which ended in her being victim to Scarecrow’s scare tactics. Harley was certainly a threat to the mayor’s campaign since a lot of people liked her effective crime fighting, fearless attitude, and willingness to fix problems. Even with her freak out after Scarecrow made her think Joker killed her pets and made out with Poison Ivy (that was freak me out too).


She also had a fling with a returned character, the handsome Mason.


For those of you who don’t know, Conner and Palmiotti are going to quit writing for Harley Quinn. They made Harley one of the most popular comic characters in DC and pretty much all the superhero fandom. It seems as though they just need a break from writing about her. Especially with all the shit they’ve gotten over the years for her newly developed character. “We just felt like maybe it’s a good time to take a break, take a step back, go on a honeymoon, maybe spend some of the money we made on each other and get to know each other,” Palmiotti said. “We love this character, but we felt like, a lot of times you work on books and the sales drop and the character isn’t popular anymore. With [Harley Quinn] we figured, well, let’s take a nice break while the character is essentially as hot as ever.” (Betancourt, Washington Post !BUT BEWARE OF POSSIBLE SPOILERS IN THE ARTICLE! I’ll allow you guys to read more in the article attached. They’ll be ending it in Harley Quinn #34. We still have a few issues get some laughs and funny action in!


In This Issue:

Harley and his team of Misfits try to find effective ways to win more votes over. One way is turning the whole city green! Great idea until people can’t drive or take the subways. Maybe a few points down in the election. Luckily, Scarecrow isn’t taking no mess from DePerto not wanting to pay up in full. Even if you’re a rich mayor, I don’t think there’s balls big enough to the world to mess with Scarecrow if you’re not, I don’t know, Batman?


Aside from the election, we see a romance blooming with Mason, son of Madame Macabre. It is a bit of a weird random relationship, but cute in a way. I’m happy if Harley is happy. They both have doubts due to circumstances they’re in. However, their lives are both chaotic, that works perfectly.


What could mess up her comeback in campaign with the election days away?

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I’m not too crazy about this arc, and unfortunately with Conner and Palmiotti leaving, their writing is getting weaker with trying to wrap the story up. I love this series so I’ll be sad to see it end. I’m open to new writers in the future. I am looking forward to seeing the results of this election though!

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