We need Megazord Power! (Go Go Power Rangers #4 Comic Review)

Go Go Power Rangers #4

Written by Ryan Parrott

Colored By Raul Angulo

Illustratrated By: Dan Mora

Lettered by Ed Dukeshire

What you need to know:

During a devastating attack the Power Rangers found themselves separated, Kimberly and her boyfriend were on the run but the monster attack smashing Matt who remains unconsciousness.

What just happened?

In this issue’s flash back we witness a devastating moment for the teenage Kimberly as the divorce of her parents is discussed over dinner. This dinner has a ripple affect which affects Zack as he is fired when the situation really was not his fault.

So back to the now and Matt is badly hurt, Kim goes to Morph but Zack cuts in to take the monster on. As the monster recovers and is posed to attack, yellow and BLUE Ranger fire their blade blasters at the monster. Zack tries to get Kimberly to leave Matt and Morph but she refuses, meanwhile Jason is unable to join the battle without raising some eyebrows from his teachers and peers.

However he decides he is going out there but Bulk butts in and that leads to Mr Caplan pulling rank and telling them to stay put. The shorthanded Rangers do their best and Billy frees a trapped Skull his old friend. Kim decides she needs to help the others but leaves Matt in care of the hybrid, Rita monitors the fight and instead of listening to Finister’s request and bring Flog home she makes in grow. Zordon advises the team that the monster is heading for the power station, they call on the power of their zords but without the Red Ranger they will be unable to form Megazord.

The monster draws on power from the station and uses it to take out the Mastodon and Sabertooth tiger. The Pterodactyl swoops in to provide some cover, however the monster creates some black cloud and takes her out with a swing of its tendrils. Alpha tries to rebbot the zords whilst Zordon tells the team to retreat, but there is too much at stake Billy is the only chance for Earth to survive.

So as the city goes dark it is safe to say Jason slips away, the monster is about to rip the Triceratops apart when T-rex comes in swinging and smashes the monster against a mountain. So we all kind of know what happens next it’s Megazord time, followed by power sword and a defeated monster after a brief fight to the bitter end.

Now that there have been two attacks it is expected for everyone to be scared but that is not the case as they celebrate the new heroes. The issue ends on a nice note to some extent, the team volunteering to help Ernie so the juice bar stays open, Trini wishes her Mom a happy birthday, Matty wakes up but something strange is going on there I suspect and Zack questions Zordon’s choice of leader did he make the right decision or who there be future factions in the team.

Final Thoughts

Fantastic issue full of amazing action scenes, it also has the human element and I continue to be impressed with how the characters are being developed.

The comics are surpassing the original show with its original content.



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