Legacy Endings (Justice League #31 Comic Review)

Justice League #31


Author: Bryan Hitch

Penciled: Fernando Pasarin

Cover: Bryan Hitch and Alex Sinclair

What You Need to Know: The future children of the Justice League just can’t catch a break! The identity of Sovereign has been revealed and Wonder Woman is none too pleased. Then, the darkness envelopes all of the members of the Justice league, save for Batman who is MIA and are looking for a fight. Full of hate and rage, the Justice League see their Future Children as perfect opponents to take their anger out on. The Final Battle for the Future has begun!


In This Issue: Aquaborg tells the Future Justice League that this is what happened to their parents and that they are the only ones who can stop them. That’s all it takes for the fight to be on. Each kid takes on their parents, doing their best to try to reach their parents with love and compassion but each time, the darkness invades them more. Filling their minds with lies and more hate. Telling them the only way to be free is to “Kill Them”.


Meanwhile, Wonder Woman and Sovereign are fighting to the death with Wonder Woman going all out. The darkness filling her more and more with rage while Sovereign does what she can to reach Wonder Woman. To no avail, it is a save by Wonder Woman’s son, Hunter that saves Sovereign. As the fight rages on, each child does what they can to stay alive against their mighty parents while keeping hope of being able to use their undying love to break through the darkness. Sadly, to not much success as each parent is able to use their own inner hate to break free and some secrets are revealed to the kids. Suddenly, Batman comes swooping in trying to level the fight. That’s when the kids start going all out on their own, from Jenny and Jason (Flash and Jessica Cruz’s twins) using their Black and White Lantern powers to Hunter almost killing his mom. It is then that Sovereign reveals the truth about what happened to Wonder Woman that stops him. As it seems there is no end in sight, the twins combine their lantern powers to bring the purple power of “Compassion” to subdue the hero’s and finally control the darkness.


The decision is made about what to do with said darkness and it’s a bittersweet goodbye to some characters. A week later, the Justice League of today and the Justice League of the future have enjoyed their peaceful time together, but now it is time to say goodbye.


Final Thoughts: I was totally going with everything. The fights, the secrets revealed, the hate/love relationships going. Even the struggles of the Justice League that these kids represented futures they probably didn’t want. I was even down for how they defeated the darkness. To see the kid’s true powers was very impressive. But I didn’t like how fast it ended, the darkness just defeated like that. Then the way they “disposed” of it, while sad and heartbreaking, seemed like way to easy an answer that was brought up very quickly. I think they left a few things unanswered and that was my only head tilt. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. Seeing the Justice League realize that there is hope for them and their future was reassuring with everything they go through.


Rating: 7.5/10

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