Death Comes A Knockin’ (Mighty Thor #700 Comic Review)

Mighty Thor #700


Written By: Jason Aaron

Pencilled By: Becky Cloonan, Daniel Acuna, Chris Burnham, James Harren, Russel Dauterman, Olivier Coipel, Andrew Maclean, Walt Simonson

Inked By: James Harren, Chris Burnham, Russell Dauterman, Olivier Coipel, Walt Simonson, Andrew Maclean, Becky Cloonan, Daniel Acuna

Colored By: Ive Svorcina, Dave Stewart, Matthew Wilson, Daniel Acuna

“The Death of The Mighty Thor Part 1: The Blood of the Norns”


What You Need to Know: It has been revealed that every time Jane Foster picks up her hammer to become The Mighty Thor, the powers she possesses cancel out her Cancer Treatment. But she has no time to think of that, Malekith and his allies are waging war across the Ten Realms. And so, the War- against Malekith, and against Jane’s Cancer- continues, as does the legacy of Thor, the Odison who once carried that name and the past, present and foretold.


In This Issue: The Odison, once the Might Thor now the Unworthy Thor is visiting Karnilla, Queen of the Norns at the Roots of the World Tree. The tree that ties and shows the fates of all. Odison is worried for her people as Malekith begins his war and his want to perhaps forge his own fate. Meanwhile, our current Mighty Thor is in the middle of an unexpected battle with a new kind of She-Hulk. Both happen to be at the hospital at the same time when Jessica, She-Hulk, accidentally Hulked out. Thankfully Jane was around to try to keep her in check. In Asgardia, Volstagg is being placed in prison for his crimes as War Thor when he was possessed by the Mjolnir from and Dead universe. His friends and colleagues fight for him but it is to no avail as his hammer suddenly comes crashing down, wanting to join with him again.


We are thrown to a Young Odison’s past when he was training to be the one and only Thor. From fights to drinking, he is doing everything he can to prove he is worthy of his future hammer. Pushed to “New Midgard: Untold Eons from Now” three young gods are fighting in the skies above when King Thor, all father at the end of time assures his people that they have nothing to worry about. To ease them, he tells them aa story of when he fought Black Galactus, The Butcher of Wolds.


Back to the Present, Loki and his father are having a little father son time on Jotunheim, Land of the Frost Giants. While speaking, king passes out unexpectedly and Loki has a choice to make for when his dad wakes up. As Mighty Thor is battling She-Hulk, Throg, the Frog of Thunder notices something is up. And when he sees that Mighty Thor needs his help, he “Jumps” at the chance. But it’s the battle back at the World Tree that is heating up. Odison is battling his way through Malekith’s army but it’s simply not enough and the Queen must make a hard decision that could affect the very future of the Universe. Her reason to Odison is no not let Jane die. But while all our heroes are fighting, evil beyond even Malekith is brewing.


Final Thoughts: With a title that has the word “Death” in it, you know it can’t be good. I know comics are meant to jump around but this was a bouncy house of jumping around. I had to reread it a few times (note, this is a 50-page comic) to figure out what was actually going on and the point of the jumping. It’s because there is just SO MUCH going on all over the realms and how it all connects that I finally was ok with it. Not to mention there are different art styles going on with every story. From the playful style of Loki to the dark style of Mighty Thor and She-Hulk going at it. A lot is going on here and while it’s all good story telling, it gets to be a smidge too much. But some of the stuff in here (stuff that is big time spoilers) is amazing to see and I look forward to seeing if those spoilers come true.


Rating: 7/10



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