How Dare You Wear His Skin? (The Shadow #3 Comic Review)

The Shadow #3


Written by Si Spurrier & Dan Walters

Art by Daniel HDR

Colored By Natalie Marques

Lettered by Simon Bowlands


What you need to know:

Last issue we saw a glimpse of the Shadows past and it affect the present via an experimental drug given by Mary the nurse. Also a new hate group is emerging. Also was is Worthy’s house fire that caused the Shadows memory loss and injuries.

What just happened?

Our scene opens with Mary in her dorm room searching for? But there seems to be no trace So she does it old school. She calls Luisa who is having no luck with breaking through the encryptions on the website, but one thing is clear it is not short of bringing in new blood who are willing to mimic the Shadow.

Just like that Mary is confronted by a gang dressed as the Shadow ready to take over, but an old man challenges the men “how dare you wear his skin?” I think this is the first time I have seen how much the Shadow must mean to people he protected once upon a time.

The gang are about to strike but before you know it another civilian takes two of them out, the remaining gang pull a gun on him but the other locals have their own pieces and send them packing in a polite way.

Mary finally Ms Reldon who treats her like she is not important in the grand scheme of protecting Shadow and that she get out of this life while she can. But Mary is passionate about protecting their friend and gives him his famous red scarf.

We now shift our attention to the hospital where the burnt Shadow lies asleep, Mary worries that his secret won’t last long also what he was doing at Worthy Delaney’s house. Using the magical chemicals she injects him and we jump back in time specifically 1944.

We witness some jump up yobs stealing from the rich and making plans, but their discussions are interrupting as we see The Shadow chained up to a wooden pole with a gun aimed at his head, I doubt we will know how our mysterious friend was captured.

We discover that The Shadow uses stolen tricks to carry out his tasks but I want to know how he lives for so long, a young Ms Reldon and team are also there

With his famous laugh the crowd turn on the German leader that was gloating about his victory but how, Worthy has a roll to play and Shadow realises who he is the baby he saved. I am still trying to work out what the symbiotic creature in this scene is about, he seems to show up just as the Shadow is pulled back into the present.

Mind control seems wrong Mary tells him, they are interrupted by the law and under arrest, what happens next spoilers…………

Final Thoughts

With each issue I feel like I am getting closer into not only seeing the depth of The Shadow’s character but the growing story which is running smoothly and not being rushed.

I am enjoying how the mystery is unfolding as we see past and present slowly collide in this impressive tale.


Rating: 9/10

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