You’re Thor! and You’re Thor! Everyone’s Thor! Except Odinson… (Mighty Thor #23 Comic Review)

The Mighty Thor #23 Review

The War of Thors


Writer: Jason Aaron

Artist: Valerio Schiti

Cover Artist: Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson

What You Need to Know: War Thor, or Volstagg as everyone loves and knows him as, is completely out of control. Using his Hammer of the Ultimate Thor, he has used his blind rage to commit atrocities throughout the Realms. Despite her failing health, Jane Foster has transformed once again into the Mighty Thor to try and stop him. They were transported to The Yawning Void where the War Thor’s furry could be contained but he has refused to stand down. Leaving Mighty Thor no choice but to fight her dear friend.


In This Issue: A storm has begun, lightning fills the sky and many beings in other realms are seeing and sensing its great power. That storm is none other than War Thor and Mighty Thor battling it out. Mighty Thor is doing everything she can to stop her longtime friend while also trying to stay alive with every swing of his hammer. But War Thor is not listening and it takes him losing his own hammer to finally strike a little fear into him. Thankfully, Mighty Thor is able to resist the temptation of using so much power and tries to throw War Thor’s hammer away. But it seems that the hammer and owner simply can’t be parted that easily.


Meanwhile, Agent Solomon and now Unworthy Thor are discussing the situation with Volstagg Jane and where they could be. Not to mention Solomon throwing some guilt about him up and disappearing without a trace in his face.


Back at the battle, War Thor has now lost control completely and is not only trying to kill Mighty Thor, but the people of Wanaheim, Land of the Vanir where both Thor’s have accidently moved their battle. Unworthy Thor comes charging in to help stop the fight and it is only then that Mighty Thor realizes the only way to stop her friend is to do it not as Thor, but as Jane Foster.


While this is happening, Malekeith has begun his attacks on the other Realms. . .


Final Thoughts: If you don’t love Jane Foster as Thor by now, you will after this. Seeing her at one point with TWO hammers made me squeal. But it’s her compassion and dedication to protecting her friends and innocents that makes me love her. She knows she is dying of Cancer but that thought is what is making her stronger (at one point she even screams it) when fighting. The small prelude to Malekeith’s plans of destruction is making me impatient. He has been planning something since day 1 and I’m just ready to see it!


Rating: 7.5/10

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