Jor-El: The man with the neverending plan (Action Comics #990 Comic Review)

Action Comics #990 Review


Story and Breakdown Art by Dan Jurgens

Pencils by Viktor Bogdanovic

Inks by Bogdanovic, Trevor Scott and Scott Hanna

Colors by Mike Spicer

Cover by Nick Bradshaw and Brad Anderson


Previously: Mr. OZ has revealed himself to be Superman’s father, Jor-El. He has manipulated people across Earth to turn on each other in an attempt to sow Superman that they are not worthy of his protection. After theatrically saving Lois from a hostage situation, Jor-El finds Superboy and asks him to join his crusade.


What happened: The Logomban Civil War continues to get worse as Superman is forced to stop a chemical attack by the rebels, a retaliatory strike for a previous chemical attack that Superman partially stopped. Tired of watching such a vicious war, Superman grabs the leader of the rebels and the President of Logomba and flies them to an empty field to force them negotiate some sort of peace.

Meanwhile, Jor-El has taken his grandson to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude. Using the crystals there, he shows Jon a holograms of a world called Bliss. This world is filled with powered people, and would be a place where Clark and Jon don’t have to hide who they are. Jon protests at first, wondering if his mother has a place there or if his father could leave, but Jor-El assures that him that all will be well, and that they will likely have little choice in the matter.

Back in Logomba, Superman puts and end to the war himself by assembling all of the weaponry in the country and destroying it. Out of patience, he immediately flies to Metropolis and puts a stop to some of Oz’s cultists who are trying to release toxic gas throughout the city. Superman hears Jimmy Olsen’s signal watch, and flies to the Daily Planet building to assist him. When he gets there he finds that Lois borrowed the watch and used it to call Superman to tell him that Jor El came to her and took Jon somewhere. Before they can look for Jor El and Jon, the two of them arrive on their own, having heard the signal watch as well. Jor El explains that his desire to get Superman to detach himself from humanity is due to the fact that he knows of a great threat coming, one that will destroy the entire plane of existence. Just like with Krypton, he wants to save his family, take them to Bliss before another planet it wiped out. Superman is immediately skeptical of Jor-El’s claims, as well as those of any threat too great for the Justice League to handle. Jon pleads with his father, insisting that if they don’t go, they’ll die.

One last thing: If Dr. Manhattan is just gonna destroy this Earth anyway, why did he feel the need to force Jor-El to watch videos of human history?

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Four issues down in the great Oz epic and once again we learn the “true” motivation for Oz’s plan. He knows that a new Big Bad is on his way and he wants to get the hell outta dodge with his family, that’s all. It now feels like the big plot to get all of humanity to act like dicks for a while was more about stalling and allowing his plan to take four issues to explain and less about teaching Superman anything about humanity. So once again we are reminded that this story is really just a set-up for another, almost certainly Doomsday Clock.

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