Man VS Machine (First Strike #6 Comic Review)

First Strike #6


Written by Mairghread Scott & David A. Rodrihuez

Art by Max Dunbarand James Raiz

Lettered by Tom B Long

Colors by Ander Zarate and David Garcia Cruz

What you need to know:

Colton plans to throw of the Transformers, G I Joes’ and MASK of his trail as he reached the core did not work and they are face to face for the final showdown.

What just happened?

Scarlett lays down the law you’re not getting passed me to the core, Colton tells her they should never under estimate her oh and that he doesn’t quit.

As Colton, Cobra, Venom attack it’s time for our heroes to stand their ground, Soundwave uses sound against Strom Shadow But this does not work so plasma will have to do. It seems everyone has a dancing partner, Prime vs Destro and he compares Prime to a God who he wants to kill. Matt’s technology malfunctions by Krieger and Mayhem is the brunt of a joke as usual as the Joe’s state he was part of a bet.

But the main event is Scarlet vs her old mentor Colton, he kicks her cross bow out of her hand, but that does not mean she is defenceless as she whips out a knife which Colton replicates. The concept is interesting Colton questions you would let your men die for aliens and they will destroy the Earth, but the argument is but this does not give you the right to commit genocide. This is exactly the same dilemma Optimus as had in the past. Scarlett tells him that he is wrong and that he gave in to fear and joined those that he had fought against for so many years, she plunges her fist into his face only for him to kick her back.

He believes they simply cannot win hence the drastic action, and that their lives do not matter, but do his team know that was the plan all along, anyway Elita pipes in and fires at the ground. Starscream tells them they are under arrest, especially Prime who he fires rockets at, whilst conflict between the two fractions are all around them. Arcee being attacked falls in front of Elita, Optimus asks her to stop whilst she brands him traitor.

Matt Tracker throws a device which allows Gloria to control Elita and she orders death to all, Obsidian starts to fire. Scarlett and Colton fight reaches is climaxed finale in true action pack panels of glorious fight scenes which show cases the other player in this battle.

But it’s Kreiger who using a device asks to reset this stage, MASK and G I Joe try to take him out, but he wants to take back his original form Merklynn and the ages of magic begins a new he shouts.

Transformers across the planet Cybertron are being drained, Merklynn tells the robots that they are abominations and that the energon on the planet calls to a new master and he plans to use it to return his realm.

He lifts Colton up and tells him that he knew he was a pawn, he is willing to sacrifice Earth and that his Visionaries will rise to consume Cybertron and then he simply disappears.

Colton surrenders and the other villains follow knowing they would not stand a chance, the cybertronians seem to be in a bad way

MASK and the G I Joes head home.

Final Thoughts

I have given this some thought if great big robots came to Earth would you not see it as an act of War and fight back. The thing that surprises me is that it is the bad guys doing this, maybe the bad guys are actually the good guys protecting planet Earth from the Evil Transformers?

This event was well thought out but I always felt like it was obvious who was going to win, but that’s not how it pans out there is a third party which has entered this universe the Visionaries so I guess they have made their first strike.

One thing that irritated me was that Windblade who had a very big voice in earlier issues was not around. Also sometimes I felt like the good guys had more screen time them the under used Destro or Mayhem for example and it was just the Colton show.

Oh do not forget there is an awesome mini story at the end.

I really enjoyed this event it had action, character development, schemes and twists, well done IDW on another great crossover.


Rating: 7/10

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