No Dogs Were Harmed In The Rescue of Daken (All-New Wolverine #26 Comic Review)

All-New Wolverine #26


Writer: Tom Taylor

Artist: Juann Cabal

Colors: Nolan Woodard

Letters: Cory Petit

Cover: Terry Dodson & Rachel Dodson

Synopsis: In this second part of Orphans of X, we see Daken in the captivity of these mysterious new foes. We soon learn more about their terrible plan for Laura.


What You’ll Need To Know: Daken was kidnapped by these new seemingly normal new villains. A group of people with one thing in common: a hatred for mutants. Laura is in search for him due to their non-so-conspicuous message for her. In her search she had to return to a haunting place. Where she was born and raised as a killer. Where she was made to kill her mother Sara. She ends up finding her alive. This is extremely bizarre. But is anyone REALLY dead in the Marvel Universe?


In This Issue: Daken is able to escape on his own (these Orphans were really unprepared for a mutant with claws, like really? You didn’t see that coming?) while Laura is at her Aunt Megan and cousin Debbie’s with Beast, Angel, and Gabby, and the newly found Sara, her mother. Laura had to part ways with them to keep them safe due to the fact that Kimura used their lives as leverage against Laura to get what she wanted. Sara warns her daughter on people trying to kill her with the Murumasa blade. Something that was used against Daken by Logan in the past to remove his claws. That is the one thing that can be used against their healing factor.


In the midst of all this, Daken, after killing one of the Orphans seeing what intel he can get on them. Other than their mysterious plot, they are normal people. That’s the weirdest part! They seemed like average bar-going country people. Why target some of the most violent mutants in the world?

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A lot is happening in this arc as a whole. It is super violent and kick-ass. Keeps you on your toes and lots of things from the last issue make sense.  Cabal did great in this issue, the art is great.

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