Queue the 50’s Sci-Fi Music (Blue Beetle #14 Comic Review)

Blue Beetle #14


Written by Christopher Sebela

Art by Scott Kollins

Published by DC Comics

What you need to Know:

Jaime Reyes, the Blue Beetle, is trying to get his life together. After saving the world from Arion, lord of Atlantis, and squaring up with Batman (sort of), he is recruited by Ted Kord’s assistant Terri Magnus, The Flash of 3001, to help her and Batgirl 3001 get back to their time. After saving the Justice League of 3001, Jaime is summoned by Lady Styx who turns out to be La Dama, aka Tia Amparo, Brenda’s aunt. To prevent her plans from being undone due the revelation, she sends Jaime back but with no recollection of the future.


What’s Going On:

Two Scientist are in New Mexico on route to a geotagged spot looking for something. As they near their destination they run into three figures wearing a sort of spacesuit with blue visors. They break into reverse, but a sapphire diamond shaped light causes their car to flip. They get out and look in awe at the light be are immediately vaporized. Jaime contemplates how peaceful his summers been and how his three months of training with Ted may be leading to something big. Speaking of Ted, he gives Jaime a check with a butt load of cash since he’ll be gone a week and offers Jaime a job after he graduates. Using the money, he received from Ted, Jaime plans a road trip with Naomi (his girlfriend), Brenda and Paco. As they leave with no destination in mind, the group arrives in New Mexico, and Jaime tells Naomi about Teds job offer. After discussing the situation at a rest stop, Naomi walks off, clearly irritated about something Jaime said. Hours later, the group arrives at Roswell, and notice an object speeding towards them from behind, believing it to be a truck. They soon realize that it’s not a truck and veer off the road. Jaime tells the other to run and morphs into his Blue Beetle armor. The object begins to split itself into multiple pieces, but are no match for Blue Beetle. He begins to toy with the craft, eventually the two large pieces with an energy cannon. Just then an astronaut like figure materializes from beneath the craft, and just as Blue Beetle makes fun of how weak it looks, two more appear.


What Just Happened:

Blue Beetle has begun a new adventure in “The Road to Nowhere” part 1. The more I think about it, more I can relate to Jaime in his situation. Not as the Blue Beetle, but as Jaime, a typical high school student. I’ve already graduated so I know the struggles of trying to figure out what to do with my future. In the issue there’s some tension between Paco and Brenda, and I’m talking about how their arguments are a lot less insult fueled, and more awkward. They’re not the only ones with tension though. Jaime clearly is having trouble keeping his Beetle secret from Naomi, and its causing friction, so much so that he’s had to cancel dates due to Beetle situations. He even tells Paco and Brenda not to mention anything about it to Naomi. To make things worse, they’re little trip is interrupted by a strange blue alien craft, forcing Jaime to turn into Beetle with Naomi nearby. More on that next issue.

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So far, the new writer Christopher Sebela is great. The whole issue is reminiscent of a classic 50’s alien movie, where the aliens themselves look 50’s style with the big helmets. As for the personal interaction between Jaime and Naomi, clearly the writer understands the issues with relationships, and how stressful some can get, especially if you have an alter ego. The art is good as always, though sometimes the characters faces can look silly, especially if they’re drawn to be at a distance. I do like the direction this series is heading, and I recommend it anyone who’s looking for young heroes you can relate to.

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