A Bevy of Bonds Coming to Your Shelf

As of January 2018, Funko Pop! will be responding to another long-asked request, and releasing the first six-figure set of James Bond themed vinyl figures.

Starting off with the classics, the set will feature a Golden Girl, hat-tossing assassin Oddjob, Blofeld, a Jaws ready to chomp away at any secret agents coming his way, Roger Moore Bond himself, and a shaken-not-stirred Sean Connery Bond ready for action.

After years of hoping, wishing, and pleading, they’re finally on the way! Funko’s James Bond Roger Moore Pop! Vinyl Figure #522 is just one of several figures featuring various Bonds and villains from over five decades of espionage, intrigue, and Bond girls. Each figure comes packaged and ready to save (or hurt) the world, so check out the entire collection and pre-order yours now!

Funko’s thorough coverage when it comes to the casting of figures is well-documented, and the combination of some of the most iconic henchmen and the two most iconic bonds will leave a strong impact in the new line.



All six figures are standard size, and will retail for $10.99 individually.

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