Flight Risk (Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man # 5 Comic Review)

Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man # 5

Written By: Chip Zdarsky

Art By: Adam Kubert

Colors By: Jordie Bellaire

Who knew that having multiples identities could be so complicated?

What You Need to Know

Spider-Man’s quest to aid The Mason (the Tinkerer’s brother who aids superheroes by making them tech to aid in their fight against the bad guy) leads him to cross paths with a vengeful Vulture who is on a mission to kidnap Mason.  The Vulture has already incapacitated Uatu the Watcher and has set bombs up all over Mason’s laboratory, preventing anyone from using his research and making it difficult to know if he’s dead or alive as they sift through the rubble looking for him.

What You’ll Find Out

Teresa does her best to help Mason while Spider-Man tries his best to save Uatu while simultaneously stopping the bombs.  He is unable to stop the bombs but does save Uatu, while Teresa saves Mason from the Vulture’s grasp.  After that, Spidey now must find a safe place for not only Mason, but Teresa as well.  They are both in danger, and he can’t protect them both from the various forces attempting to capture them.

What Just Happened

While trying to figure out what to do with Teresa and how to keep her safe, Peter is visited by Jonah Jameson, the man who has had a vendetta against Spider-Man for decades of comics.  Jameson needs Peter Parker to help him get in touch with Spider-Man (who has now gone the route of being Peter Parker’s “bodyguard” despite the fact that they are indeed the same person).  Concurrently, the same agency that is after Teresa has decided that in order to draw both Teresa and Spider-Man out of hiding, they must capture Peter Parker.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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Some good action and humor.  He does get to see some pretty substantial feats by not only Spider-Man but also Teresa, who actually uses a web-shooter in order to save Mason.  It’s very interesting to see the setups for the next issue; I can’t wait for the Jameson interview with Spider-Man.

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