Two Civilizations Bent on Self-Destruction? (Optimus Prime First Strike #1 Comic Review)

Optimus Prime First Strike #1

Written by John Barber

Art by Guido Guidi and John Wtcough

Lettered by Tom B Long

Colors by Thomas Deer

What you need to know:

Optimus Prime once the Leader of the Autobots finds himself on the outside of the new regime of Cybertron, but he intends to bring unity between the human and transformer race.

What just happened?

We see Optimus Prime and Marissa Fairborn talking about their experiences with each other’s races. Optimus talks about how he tried to protect the Earth whereas Fairborn even thou she knows not all Transformers want to destroy them, is willing to whatever she needed to protect the Earth from them. One thing is for sure they agree they should live together as partners going forward, we find Optimus with Centurion/Mike and Garrison going over recent events. We learn that Centurion was carrying the Talisman but crashed and this was followed by torture by Kreiger.

The conversation swiftly finishes and optimus is required to meet Earth’s delegate, so moving on we find Kup and Action man who is very excited. They perch themselves high up so they can see all the events as they unfold, Arcee rocks up wanting to know who the human is and she remembers him.

This is a brief moment where we see that Arcee cares about another bot and asks Ian if he has been looking after Kup, of course Ian states that Kup gets them into trouble a lot. The moment we have been waiting for Marrisa arrives on Cybertron and is being escorted through the crowds on a moving platform.

Marrisa arrives with her bodyguard which is her Dad and Mayday from the G I Joe team, Pyra thinks it is distasteful to have humans on the planet. Pyra is concerned by the Security of them which he tells Arcee but Prime tells them both this is the future we need to accept and it is filled with hope.

Mike and Centurion discuss what this new alliance means when both are bent on self-destruction, next thing there is an explosion and we see and expected scene where  Pyra, Arcee and Optimus come flying out of the flames. Do they protect, fight or kill their new human comrades. It’s all-out war, Kup, Action Man and Mayday jump into battle with Marrisa and her old man joining them against and army of ninjas.

Pyra starts taken out the human invaders without considering Arcee warning, Transformers are being taken out in this surgical strike, Kup is over run but overcomes his adversary. Action man falls in a hole within a dead bot and tries to find his friend and guns that he jump.

Optimus transforms and rolls out with Action Man, realising that Fairborn is not the target and warns Mike of the invader heading his way, but his in robot mode and ready but when Kreiger turns up things go wrong when his blasted in the back. With no back up on the way the team are called back in and Centurion/Mike are missing, we find ourselves once again in an interview situation with Prime/Fairborn, Flesh and Metal join together.

Final Thoughts

This issue was wicked, very character driven, a little bit of politics and a fair amount of action with twists and turns.

I love seeing the different relationships and bonds between the Transformers and Humans as they try to find themselves in this kin ship.

The art is pretty crisp with some amazing drawings and epic scenes. One thing that did bug me is his face shield off for part of the book but I know this has been the case in part of his history.

Rating: 8/10

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