Where are you going, Kate? (Batwoman Vol 1 Trade Paperback Review)

Batwoman Vol. 1

Written By: James Tynion IV, Marguerite Bennett

Art By: Stephanie Hynes, Steve Epting

Independent, stubborn, lone wolf.  Kate Kane is a strong female lead who never allows a standard to define her.  She has chosen her own path and does not take orders.  Few she looks up to, and fewer she trusts.


Rebirth has given a fun new twists on Kate’s character.  She’s still a strong willed woman with an interesting back story.  The Many Arms of Death allows us a full view into Kate’s character and what in her past has molded her into the person she is now, and even what her future holds for her based on her current decisions.  Batwoman is filled with emotion, issue one in itself being a major starting shock.  You get to see her highs and lows and see her struggle between a personal life and taking to the cowl. And even with how tough she maybe, her own insecurities and concerns, we see her deepest inner fears and what has made her go on this path, to become a part of the bat family, yet still be on her own road.

Opinions and Such:

This whole trade is just wonderful.  Each issue has stunning visuals with a watercolor effect, yet still keeping most sections very dark, yet Batwoman’s red is always their boldly popping out.  The dynamic if the art for the Batwoman series is so elegant and beautiful, yet dark and serious.  I feel it’s a really good mix of Kate Kane’s personality in itself, like her reflection.  She has a dark past, and does a lot of dirty work, yet she is the beautiful elegant woman with a very strong, bold side.  This just translates into the art style so well, it’s a perfect fit for the character.  I really enjoy all thr issues included within the trade, we get a lot more about Batwoman’s past and growth than in New 52 and other Batwoman stories.  It’s a true character development up to the current issue and a lot of new interesting events for her current and future events.

Overall there hasn’t been a better time to be introduced to Kate and her life, rebirth does it right and gives us a good taste of what goes into being batwoman, as a hero and a person.  She’s a very relatable character that isn’t your stereotypical completely unstoppable hero.  She has weaknesses, fears, and emotions that are expressed more than most other hero based comics I have read.  The story is very interesting and really brings the reader into Kate’s world.

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Wolfy Howell
Some good action and humor.  He does get to see some pretty substantial feats by not only Spider-Man but also Teresa, who actually uses a web-shooter in order to save Mason.  It’s very interesting to see the setups for the next issue; I can’t wait for the Jameson interview with Spider-Man.
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An artist and illustrator who loves nature, wildlife, and a variety of nerd things, from Godzilla to Wonder Woman,

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