Astonishing Shadow King! (Astonishing X-men #5 Comic Review)

Astonishing X-Men #5


Writers: Charles Soule

Artist: Ramon Rosanas

Colors: Nolan Woodard

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Ramon Rosanas & Nolan Woodard

Variant: Greg Land & Edgar Delgado

Synopsis: In this twisted game between Professor X and The Shadow King, the late Professor is fighting for the lives of his X-Men in the Astral Plane. Psylocke, Bishop, and Angel are fighting a possessed Logan in London.


What You’ll Need To Know: In this psionic battle that the X-Men are going through with Shadow King, Psylocke is struggling to fight against her newly possessed team members and keep her mental link up with the ones in the Astral Plane. Logan is terrorizing the streets of London under the control of Shadow King. That is the leverage he has against Charles. In the last issue, Gambit and Rogue are in a fantasy same as Fantomex and Mystique. Charles pulls them all out, except for one; Gambit. He explains that he was not able to save him and is now under Shadow King’s grip.


In This Issue: Shadow King was pretty strategic on who to possess and how. He first goes with Logan, who is a natural killer, dangerous enough as it is, and has been manipulated to kill his team before. He now has control over Gambit, who literally makes grenades out of playing cards. He eventually gets hold of Bishop. The last line of defense is Psylocke who is multitasking with her grip on everyone while simultaneously almost being held at gunpoint by authorities and Warren who is dealing with all the other X-men. He has no choice but to become Archangel. Will Psylocke be able to get him back after something this dramatic?

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Soule is constantly keeping you at the edge of your seat with this series. X-Men comics are easily lovable, but if you liked the FX series’ Legion, this issue is for you. The psychological elements make it extra interesting along with the real world drama.

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