Knights V Leaguers: Dawn of Darkness (Justice League #32 Comic Review)

Justice League #32



Writer: Robert Venditti

Artist: Liam Shart

Cover: Ethan Van Sciver and Jason Writght

What You Need to Know: When we last saw our hero’s, their future kids had left giving the Justice League hope for the future. But since it’s The Justice League, peace can’t last long. The Dark Nights: Metal series has begun and it is raging through the DC Universe like a plague! Corrupted versions of Batman from the Shadow Dimension, summoned by the Court of Owls are after their Justice League counterparts.


In This Issue: This issue starts off with a touching flashback from Cyborg to a time when he was still just a boy, Vic Stone, playing football. Reminiscing about how all his coaches believed he was a physical protégé, not realizing that it was his arms or legs, but his brain that was the real source of his strength. And that his team each has a special quality that could potentially help, despite the fact they are scattered in their own battles.


Meanwhile, The Flash is dealing with The Red Death, the version of Batman who asked, “what if there was a catastrophe in Gotham that I wasn’t fast enough to stop and I started experimenting with the Speed Force and it wall went to hell?” Of course, it’s not just Red Death that is racing poor Barry Allen for his life.


Fathoms below Amnesty Bay, Aquaman is swimming headfirst looking for The Drowned (the only female Batman who has the powers of Aquaman) in an attempt to find his beloved Merra. When the Drowned appears on a giant, angry sea creature that Aquaman can’t seem to control, his rage is lost to a terrible confession about this vicious creature.


Under the Foundation of A.R.G.U.S Headquarters, Wonder Woman is about to go Amazonian on The Merciless, the Batman who seems to be wearing the helmet of Ares. After a short recap of what he has done in his world (being in love with Diana, killing every god he came across, going after her sisters on Themyscris and making sure to collect all their coins from the Ferryman and the River Styx) he unleashes an army that not even Wonder Woman can handle.


Cyborg’s last hope lies in Green Lantern, who is fighting beneath Coast City with The Dawnbreaker. A Bruce Wayne who was given the green ring of power moments after his parents were murdered. But not only is Hal in trouble, its revealed that Cyborg is realizing that because of him, they all are in more trouble than they believe.


Final Thoughts: It’s always been hinted that if anyone was going to take out the Justice League, it would be Batman. Metal shows that in such a dark way it is fascinating. Each version of Batman is original, despite the obvious cross over of characters and so evil that you can’t help but look forward to seeing each member of the Justice League fight their counterpart. After Legacy, you would think that might be a bit repetitive to see so soon. But it’s not, especially with such dark twists. The art is amazing and each Villain is drawn with such attention to detail you can’t help but be fascinated by them. The only downside is that this story is being shown all over the DC universe and not JUST in Justice League so if you aren’t reading the other volumes that this story is going in, you might be a bit lost. Otherwise, that’s the only downside.


Rating: 8.5/10

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