Has the Storm passed? (Clue #5 Comic Review)

Clue #5

Written by Paul Allor

Art by Nelson Daniel

Lettered by Neil Uyetake

What you need to know:

The death toll has doubled with Colonel Mustard and Senator White during the Detective and Mrs Peacock but making it to Issue Four is doing well in this sinister game but is there another victim we have let to discover.

What just happened?

The storm rages and we see Green holding his head over a broken bannister why below on the floor of the large room long Scarlett’s body lays there motionless, Detective Amarillo and Upton look upon the scene in in complete disbelief.

Green shouts that it’s not what it looks like as he is caught red handed and he is handcuffed, Amarillo discovers rope was this the intended murder weapon or did the murderer change their mind, Upton states that the night is going to plan with a grim look on his face.

With the butler out of the way Professor Plum intend to confront Mr Boddy but Dr Ochid thinks it is a trick of the light but he storms in there to find him alive and well considering he was shot.

Mr Boddy tells Plum that this conversation is premature and grabs him, he retaliates and kicks him in the shin then they make a dash for it leaving a frustrated Boddy.

As always there is a joke between the writer and the butler as they debate over the upcoming flashback with the deceased Senator offering the late Scarlett some advice mainly around Green and being an attention seeker.

They get into a heated argument where Scarlett lays it out on the table the attention is to help who build her career in the media and that is why she wanted to be interviewed as a murder suspect.

She brought the rope and intended to become a victim her survived the murderous rampage of the killer. But this does not go as planned as it appear Scarlett has more than one personality, by on the balcony Green tries to chat her up again.

Whilst telling him to back off she leans against the balcony and floors to her death, we also discover who killed Detective Ochre but am not going to ruin that surprise for you. The flash backs reveal a lot in this issue, back with plum as his ketchup and mustard floor plans come together as he tries to figure things out.

Mr Boddy jumps out of the cupboard and using a cloth puts Plum to sleep and there is another shocking twist but hey no spoilers before the final issue.



Final Thoughts

I loved it, the twist and turns in this series keep getting better and better as this fantastic story flows in this penultimate issue.

I look forward to reading the final revelation of why this all had to happen in next’s Months finale and I hope you will join me.


Rating: 9/10

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