What Lies in the Shadows (Batwoman #8 Comic Review)

Batwoman #8

Written By: Marguerite Bennett

Art By: Fernando Blanco, John Rauch

Letters By: Deron Bennett


Batwoman is a strong female lead, she is very independent and stubborn, her stubbornness often being a fault.  Off and on throughout her history she has gone back and forth between helping and being a part of the bat family and investigating things on her own.

What You Missed/What’s Happening

So far in rebirth Batwoman has gone back and forth between past present and future events, number eight focusing on a current event.  This storyline gives some interesting insights to Kate’s real fears and concerns and where those fears are rooted.  It gives a really nice tie into her past and her current life and status. It’s a darker issue really bringing forth some of Kate’s concerns on trying to prove her worth and why she often beats herself up too much.


I really felt this issue was a really nice insight to Kate’s more personal thoughts.  Having such a strong lead who tries to tough things out it was an interesting change in tone to see her truly torn up about something and blaming herself for things far beyond her control. Touches like that are a true human element that makes these comics more relatable for me.  I really enjoy seeing that side.  The art in this issue is also just breathtaking, it’s an amazing contrast, a lot of the story is almost in a negative type color scheme, giving more of a dark feel, or as though you’re looking through night vision goggles, it adds a very interesting dynamic to the plot of the story especially sense there are some pages and panels that are done much more bright and vividly.  I feel this adds just enough shock to the eye to communicate to the reader the shock that is going on with some of the charecters at that moment in time.

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Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

Shoot The Breeze Staff Writer

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All in all, I really enjoyed this comic, I loved the darkness of the artwork that greatly complemented the story line.  It makes a very interesting and enjoyable dynamic that I feel pulls the reader in that much more.

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