Political Corruption (Harley Quinn #31 Comic Review)

Harley Quinn #31-Exit Tragedy


Writers: Amanda Conner and Jim Palmiotti

Art: John Timms

Letters: Dave Sharpe

Cover: Alex Sinclair

Variant Cover: Sabine Rich


Synopsis: In this 4th part of Vote Harley, Harley Quinn has to do everything in her power to protect her beloved Mason Macabre.


What You’ll Need To Know: In a neck and neck race between DePerto and Harley Quinn, Harley is actually the one fighting clean. Mayor DePerto has done everything from trying to have her assassinated at her birthday party, hiring Scarecrow to freak her out during a campaign, to now kidnapping Mason her newest love interest in attempts to coerce her into dropping out of the race and revenge for killing his son-in-law.


In This Issue: Mason is being held captive by The Mayor and his goons. He is threatening to kill him if Harley does not drop out of the race. He has a ton of leverage on Harley and with his ruthless past, he can easily use it. Harley could have used force against him but did not want to look bad in the race. They need any intel the could get so they send Big Tony and Red Tool on a risky, beer-filled panty raid Madison’s place. They find an offshore area called Fire Island where they could be keeping Mason, so Harley and ex-nemesis Harley Sinn work together. She has caused a TON of conflict. However, they end up bonding a little which is very weird for them. Normally Harley is comes out on top in fights with DePerto, but he has had the upper hand lately.

I would actually think that Harley Sinn might be screwing her over in all this, but her taking 2 bullets to the legs and trying to work out a deal with his goons doesn’t give me much reason to think that.

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Suspenseful to the end. Title gives away a lot, and I think that is part of Conner and Palmiotti’s plan with leaving.

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