But I didn’t like her attitude, so here we are (Red Hood and The Outlaws #16 Comic Review)

Red Hood and The Outlaws #16


Writer: Scott Lobdell

Art: Dexter Soy

Colors: Veronica Gandini

Cover: Mike McKone and Romulo Farjardo Jr.

Variant Cover: Guillem March

Synopsis: “Bizarro Reborn” part three! After the Outlaws face-off with Bat-Woman and the rest of the Bat Family, they land a spot at Belle Reve Penitentiary! They are also locked up with the Suicide Squad. Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Deadshot go out of the way to make Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro feel right at home in this maximum-security prison…while Amanda Waller rustles up three new brain bombs!


What You’ll Need To Know: We are still on this Bizarro Reborn arc that seems to go on forever. Bizarro is still a charismatic super genius. Jason and Artemis are still skeptical. Bat-Woman and her crew got them all mixed up by sending them there because Outlaws are just a cover, they are still on Batman’s side. The whole reason for their tussle was the suspicion of The Outlaws and their “Watchtower” and the extreme drop in crime. The Detectives manage to get in their base and overpower them.


In This Issue: A disgruntled Jason is trying to find a way to escape Belle Reve with the others while being thwarted by the Suicide Squad. The Suicide Squad does the biddings of Amanda Waller with forced compliance. If they do not comply, their heads explode! Suicide Squad comics will not disappoint unlike the movie adaptation. I would have like to have seen more detailed fights in this issue, like Harley vs Artemis? I actually want to see how that was won! Artemis is BADASS and I understand how’d she’d kick Harley’s ass but Harley is a formidable opponent for sure.


After all this going on, Jason and Artemis find Bizarro discussing business over tea with Amanda Waller. Oh, B, how do you find yourself in this situations. Anyways, he has convinced her a brain bomb in his head was not useful and how he could be of more help when he discovers subatomic tremors in Earth that could cause the end of the world. As heroes, they need to find a way to stop that. Side by side with the Suicide Squad!


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#SquadGoals? As a title? A little silly, but okay. I expected more interactions between these antiheroes (emphasis on anti). I have a ton of faith to see what this opens up to however. Art by Soy is killer as always.

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