PROMETHEUS 4: THE PROMETHEUS-ING (Justice League of America #18 Comic Review)

Justice League #18


Writer: Steve Orlando

Artist: Hugo Petrus

Colors: Hi-Fi

Letters: Clayton Cowles

Cover: Carlos D’Anda

Last time: The JLA escaped the panic in the microverse, as Batman left on a leave of absence to go be in several other books. The JLA remains in their semi-public status in Happy Harbor, now having to deal with a leaderless team.

This time:  A documentarian known as John Porter has come, and he’s interested in the Justice League. He’s gained access to their sanctuary for a very special behind the scenes presentation, as he takes a look into each one of their lives, one by one.  Killer Frost, still attempting to embrace the new, more banal name of Frost, gives him a rather chilly reception, mostly answering a few questions about her relationship with Ryan Choi, and her previous status as a villain. Ryan Choi tells him that he’s really the Atom, and that Ray Palmer didn’t pick him to carry on the mantel for nothing. Clack Canary trims her roses during her interview, leading another conversation about Batman before realizing that given all of her time on the stage and in the spotlight, she’d never of John before. Vixen denies her leadership status of the team, as Lobo lights a cigar and leaves his interview before it starts. Xenos and Ray share a few tender moments in the bond they gained with each other, before Ray gets a little frustrated at being accused of being part of a huge mistake, and storms off. As a quarantine alarm goes off, the JLA starts getting worried as Vixen stampedes off in search of the intruder, and the team starts to fall one by one. With Ryan Choi turned into a quantum ghost, Frost knocked out in a single blow, Lobo and Canary face off against the familiar Afterthought, but this doesn’t seem to be the true culprit.  Vixen turns around among a crowd, and sees someone quite happy to show the people who the Justice League of America really are: Prometheus, electric baton at the ready, and ready to collect.


Reed Strong’s Strong Read: F***, man. I can’t take it. I cannot take this. I cannot take this Prometheus-ing. Prometheus went from a character of whom personally I never really enjoyed but liked out of a dislike, to one of my personal favorites, all due to the loving touch of Steve Orlando. Returning from his adventures in Midnighter, this dude knows how to do a damn invasion. Both Steve Orlando and Prometheus. Coming back to the character’s earliest story from Grant Morrison, it’s an absolutely brilliant take to see this behind-the-scenes infiltration, finding a way to talk to the JLA, finding a way to plant doubt, finding a way to really show them all off. The documentarian angle is just perfect, the way the team slowly figures out something’s going on is brilliant, this is just. This is a dang good comic, and you should read this. Return to me next time for your regularly scheduled in-style review, but this time, we had to Prometheus it out.


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