Action Man and Arcee sitting in a tree? (Transformers First Strike #1 Comic Review)

Transformers First Strike #1

Written by John Barber

Art by Priscilla Tramontano

Lettered by Tom B Long

Colors by Joana

What you need to know:

Centurion is missing with Blackrock and Colditiz on the loose it’s up to Optimus Prime’s team to search the wilderness of Cybertron.

What just happened?

Kup, Action Man, Arcee and Mayday discuss the latest twist regarding the invasion of Cybertron and that they are on a mission to retrieve Blackrock.

Blackrock awakes inside the cockpit of Centurion and he questions his confused friend about why he has aligned himself with such wickedness fiends.

Hot on their trails the heroes dive into the unknown wilderness, Kup gets jealous that Mr action takes the opportunity to ride with Arcee and not him but it turns that interspecies relationships are right up Ian’s alley. The ninjas attack but with their dwindling number the Transformers make short work of them. The villains attempt to contact Kreiger but his lack of response is frustrating, but the amount of time invested in Centurion probably means his pet is still key to his plans.

Centurion reveals to Blackrock even thou he was pulled apart as Mike power and a servant why he is currently following Kreiger we also witness a flashback to show how their history pans out. Kup and Arcee come slashing through to the rescue and the trap is sprang and they are blasted, meanwhile Mayday and Action Man head in to help. A shard of debris is shoved into Kups chest and the Ninja intends to finish the job, Arcee is struck from behind, dam those pesky humans are good.

Centurion is not what we think he is and starts releasing some form of energy, Colditz relised that Krieiger want Centurion away from harm but he gets taken out of the battle by Ian and May Day. Kup tries to help but his has is burnt clean off by the unknown energies, Arcee wants to destroy Centurion but they do not all agree that this is the solution, she throws her laser sword at him but Blackrock gets in the way.

Blackrock reaches how to his friend who manages to go into stasis lock and it looks like Kreiger got what he wanted.

Ian even finds time to ask Arcee out for a cup of Coffee or maybe energon?

Final Thoughts

In some ways I am enjoying the side stories more from First Strike instead of the main event there is a lot of development and growth.

I am not sure if this team will continue to function in the future but I would enjoy reading their adventures.

There is also some really good banter in this issue which keeps an invasion light for this side gig. I got to say the art is amazing and fun

Rating: 8/10

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