“He’s just the stupid man I stupidly love.” (Batman #35 Comic Review)

Batman #35: The Rules of Engagement: Part 3!

Writer: Tom King

Pencils/Inks/Cover: Joëlle Jones

Cover and Interior Color: Jordie Bellaire

Letter: Clayton Cowles

Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul come face to face at last! What will Batman do to stop them from killing each other? Will they end their mission in success or in failure?

What you need to know: Catwoman was framed by a childhood friend who has been hiding in Khadym. Finally Batman and Catwoman reach its center to find this old friend and clear Selina Kyles name from the murders she did not commit. But, not everything goes as planned as now Batman is bleeding to death and Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul are in an intense sword fight to the DEATH!


What just happened? As both ladies fight, tell about each other’s past, argue as to who is worthy to be with Batman; Batman slowly falls to the ground not able to stop them from his wounds he has received from The Silent Soldiers and Talia Al Ghul. Outside of Khadym, Damien and Dick wait and wonder why Bruce would go through such measures? As the night ends and the blood is spilled, Catwoman and Talia Al Ghul’s fight ends with the cut from a cold blade.



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Back in The Button Crossover with Batman and The Flash, Bruce and Barry travel back to Flashpoint where Bruce finally sees his father Thomas Wayne. In the time period Bruce Wayne was killed and Thomas Wayne took The Bat mantle to avenge his son’s death. Before the Flashpoint time period was erased by a “higher power”; Thomas Wayne told Bruce to leave The Batman behind and be happy, be a father to his son and that he was proud of him. As I read that, it really sank into my heart and I bet it sank deeper into Bruce Wayne’s heart.  Between The War of Jokes and Riddles and the Rules of Engagement, you can see a totally new Batman. A Batman that has remembered what his father had told him and is starting to try to settle down. Where Batman and Catwoman go from here is a journey we all can’t wait to read and enjoy.

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