Hope, in this dojo, does not exist (Superman #35 Comic Review)

uperman #35 Review


Written by Peter J Tomasi and Patrick Gleason

Art by Travis Moore, Stephen Segovia and Art Thibert

Colors by Dinei Ribeiro

Cover by Patrick Gleason and Dean White


Lex Luthor, Superman, Superboy and Lois Lane are all on Apokolips! Lex and Superman are at Darkseid’s castle, where many are demanding Superman take Darkseid’s role as Leader of Apokolips. Lois has been drafted to join the Female Furies, while Jon remains by himself and on the run.


What Happened: Having denied the people’s demand for a new ruthless leader, Superman and Lex are on the run from a mob of angry Apokoliptians and Parademons. After a brief conflict, the two manage to shake their pursuers and find relative safety. Meanwhile, Superboy is spying on some of the soldiers of Apokolips, debating about who might obtain Darkseid’s throne at the end of the current Civil War. Jon notices the giant Hunger Dogs the soldiers use are being mistreated, and decides to do something about it. He flies in, frees the dogs, and with their help manages to incapacitate the soldiers. The dogs surround Superboy, recognizing him as their new Alpha.

Superman and Lex, having managed to escape the angry mob, have some time to catch their breath. Superman is furious with Lex for betraying the meaning of the S he wears on his chest. Lex points out that with the prophecy stating that Superman is to be the next Ruler of Apokolips, the people there have something to wish for, and someone to root for. They have hope. At this point, their conversation is interrupted by Kalibak, Darkseid’s son, who insists that hope does not belong on Apokolips, attacking them both. With the two would be heroes captured, Kalibak continue his plan, to use mining lasers in the fire pits to find his father. Before he is able to do so, Granny Goodness and the Female Furies arrive. Superman immediately recognizes Lois, even in her Fury armor. The conversation between Granny and Kalibak inevitably turns to blows, as followers of the two wannabe successors to the throne attack each other. Lois uses the chaos to free Superman and Lex. Before they can escape, though, Kalibak fires the laser into the fire pit, which overloads it and causes the planet of Apokolips to go cold! Kalibak believes that now they can find Darkseid in the core, and recaptures Lois and Superman. Suddenly, all parties present turn to find an army of Hunger Dogs on the ridge, as Jon Kent leads the pack to save his parents!


One last thing: I don’t know where all this Kirby-looking armor for Lois and Jon is coming from, but I like it.

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Scott Shuken

Scott Shuken

Scott Shuken is comic book writer and Podcaster living in Bellingham, WA
Now that all of the different moving parts of this Apokoliptian story are established, this issue is able to feel like an adventurous war story. With different generals like Granny and Kalibak planning master schemes, and solitary dissidents like Superman and his family just trying to survive and maybe do some good in this hellish landscape. If the last issue was about Lois, this one was about Superman, with Lex Luthor really convincing him that he understands the meaning of Superman, and that Superman can exist even of Apokolips. The secondary art team wasn’t as strong as the first issue, but still did a serviceable job creating Apokolips.
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Scott Shuken is comic book writer and Podcaster living in Bellingham, WA

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