Courtroom drama! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #75 Comic Review)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #75: The Trail of Krang: Part Three! The Oversized Conclusion!

Story: Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow, and Tom Waltz

Script: Tom Waltz

Art: Cory Smith, Mateus Santolouco, Chris Johnson, and Damien Couceiro

Colors: Ronda Pattison

Letters: Shawn Lee

War rages on Planet Neutrino as the Malognoid Swarm attacks! In the courtroom, Krang ready’s himself for the trail and Hakk-R comes face to face with the witnesses.

What you need to know: Krang is on trial for his war crimes, but he will not go to prison without a fight. He has sent his assassin Hakk-R to deal with the ones who are against him and kill them before the trail is over. Hakk-R has been successful.  As the trail gets to a pinnacle state, it is put on hold while the armies of Planet Neutrino fight off the Malignoid Swarm; seems like luck is on Krangs side.

What you’ll find out: War has come to Planet Neutrion but they are not alone in the fight. With the help from The Triceratons and The Turtles they join forces in hopes to stop the Massvie Swarm attack. Back in the waiting room area Donnie, Professor Honeycutt, and the other witnesses for the trail are visited by Krangs assassin… Hakk-R!

What just happened? Leo, Mikey, and Raph fight on to stop the swarm from attacking the planet as it gets closer to the citizens on Neutrion. But with great effort it seems that it won’t be enough to stop a full on Swarm attack. Hakk-R’s mission is finally underway as he takes out the witnesses one by one. The Trail of Krang is all but a good one, but Leatherhead will not stand by and let his capture go free.

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It has come to the end of this long and waited Trail. What this oversized issue gives you is an all-out war and a trail that will keep you wondering what will happened next. Both sides of the courtroom use their last resorts to win over the new appointed judge. To finally see Krang get what he truly deserves was a long time coming.  The issue ends on some huge cliffhangers, The Triceratrons finally knowing where their true home planet is, Leatherhead’s decision, and The Ninja Turtles going back home… or are they. We will find out what happens next and it will be one shell of a ride to issue #100!

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